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My little baby BeeBee

& the Passing of Bitsy


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April 07, 03

BeeBee one of 16 dogs in this family

My Husband and I and our 8 year old son have Sixteen, Yes 16 we LOVE very much. Ten of the Dogs are
Hunting Dogs and Four of them are yard Pets and Two are
House Pets. These Dogs are our lives they are the world to
us and most of all to our 8 year old son.

Our Female Deer Dog (Girl) had 10 puppies a year ago and the
third one she had was very very small, much smaller than the
rest, So as nature does, She pushed the little guy out to
it's self and left it. But I just could not see that being
done to the little guy, He was born with bad hips and could
not walk and to me that just wasn't good enough I wasn't
gonna let this little guy leave his mother and this world
like that. So I took him from her and brought him into my
home and put him on a bottle with baby cereal and pet milk
and I did this every 2 hours.

My Husband didn't think that this was gonna work because he
didn't seem to be getting any better, his eyes took a long
time to open and he was almost 6 weeks old before he could
walk. We had to put splints on his legs to old them and his
hips straight but it worked, This little dog had a hard time
at life but he is 1 year and 3 months old and the best
friend a child could ever ask for. He stayed in my house
until he got to big and he liked to run out doors and play
so I felt it was time to put him out side. He is so special
to me that I don't think I could be without him in our life.
He is part BlueTick and picture this as a
house dog and also house broke and will run a So
this is my story about my little baby BeeBee.
Thank You

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I have no doubt that pets come back as do people. My Ex
husband went to the hospital this week & has been diagnosed
with cancer. While I was there my friend & I were discussing
this subject. And no, not all divorces are bad ones.

But, they had had a dog & we were discussing him. Funny this
came up. All dogs & cats go to heaven to protect us. I used
to could feel my little dog jump on my bed long after he was
gone-some 30 years ago.

I have picked up strays that were diseased & shoved out. She
lived to be 19! Right now, I have 4 cats & my two loyal
dogs. They keep me safe from harm even though they are tiny
Chihuahuas. Nothing beats an animal for loyalty.


Kathleen Wills

Tippy & Alfred, I just wanted to let you know that on July
5, 2002 we lost out beloved Bitsy to feline leukemia. It
has been very hard dealing with his passing but to remember
the special joy and love he brought to our home helps to
ease the pain. We thank God that he didn't suffer in too
much pain and we know that he is in God's hands now free
from pain and suffering and is probably having the time of
his life in Heaven.

His Dad found Bitsy on the side of the road in the
wintertime, all alone, cold and starving. And ever since
that day, Bitsy always remained a very special part of this
family. Even though he was the littlest of our family, he
also was the "terror" always terrorizing the other cats but
always ending up with them washing him after the terrorizing
was over.

Bitsy was very special to all of us and I'm trying to make
the other kitties understand why he isn't here anymore.
They constantly look for him and all seem to have become
very closer to their Mom, Dad and Big Brother, perhaps out
of fear.

What can we do to help them to understand and to ease their

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