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Peppy Pets Daily Online (the magazine for Pet People)
April 30, 2003

Should You Give Your Pet a Nutritional Supplement?
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

It is my firm belief, as a practicing veterinarian,
that giving your dog or cat a vitamin supplement is
one of the best things for them.

I am so concerned about the health and welfare of
your pet, that I have dedicated my life to finding
the best products that will help your pet live as
long and healthy as possible.

Please give this further consideration, for the
benefit of your dog or cat.

I'd like for you to read this article on dog and
cat vitamin supplements, it will only take a few minutes.
Your pet will be eternally grateful.

Pet Vitamin Supplements

To learn more about  Dr. Bick's Advanced Daily Supplement
and how it can help your pet, click here:
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Well, of course, I tell my cat "I love you"!!! I have a
"rescued" cat named Scribbles. I have had her 4 years now
and truly enjoy her companionship.

She was rescued at about 6 months of age from the parking
lot where my daughter-in-law worked. It was just off of a
very busy freeway in Houston and how she survived is
amazing! When my daughter-in-law and her friends rescued
her, they took her to the vet to be checked out and when she
was given a clean bill of health (and spayed), she came to
live with me. I had recently had to find homes for my 6 cats
I had had for several years (due to having to relocate to a
small apartment) so after several months of no cats, I was
eager to finally have another one. Scribbles is a tortie,
mostly black with some orange and gray. 

I live alone and we have adapted very well to each other.
She is very skittish of visitors and usually stays out of
sight when a "stranger" invades her territory.

She sleeps curled up next to me and I often wake up, scratch
her neck and tell her I love her. She usually responds by
licking my hand, but even if she doesn't, I know she loves
me, too! Pets are wonderful!!!!!

Susan Markwell

Yesterday I told my Dog Bandit, I loved him as he
was taking his last breath. I will carry this pain
the rest of my life. Bandit was given to me from
a shelter in 1984. He was a little over a year old
at the time.

His breed they said was Collie, but the vet
said there was some wolf or coyote in him.

When I looked down and told him it was OK and
told him I loved him, he closed his eyes, he
knew I loved him.

Please tell your pets you love them every day,
because when their time comes those words hurt
so bad to have to say them for the first time.

Bandit's mom, Kay.


Our dog "Troubles" does say, "I want a bone!" "Please take me
out for a walk, I need to go", "Where is my treat", "Mom,
Dad and I are going for a walk", "There is a UPS truck going
by", and several other distinct, consistent statements.

He also stops at every street and looks right and left and
when a person or bicycle is coming, he stops and waits for
it or for people to go by. He also knows right, left, behind
you and look in front, someone is coming. All this is
normal, as he is a Lhasa Apso.

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