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Peppy Pets
Aug. 22, 03

Many of our readers have wanted some good information
giving them tips and pointers on traveling with their pets.
Here's some good advice which we know will be helpful to
you and your pets.

Tippy just loves to go ride in Dave's big truck wherever he
goes, in fact if Dave leaves and Tippy is outside, she just
looks at him going down the lane with those big, sad,
forlorn eyes, as if to say, "Please take me with you."
As much as Tippy loves to go for rides, Alfred and the rest
of the kitties hate to even go near a car. Pick any of them
up and start towards the car, and expect 10 claw marks on
your arm or chest, and a cat dance over top your shoulders
to get away.

Anyway, Tippy and Alfred wanted to know if......
Do you plan your vacation around your pet, or do
you take your pet with you on vacations?
If so or if not, please send us an email and let us know.
We'd also love to hear of any stories you may have about
your pets on a vacation.

Send your comments in here

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Shadoe....A Very Special Friend

I have a very special dog friend. His name is Shadoe.
He is now 18 years old. Shadoe has been my pal ever since
I got him 14 years ago.

He has ears like the space alien, Alf, on TV. I was going to
name him Alf, however, after I brought him home, much to
my husband's not liking me to do, he followed me all over
the house and wherever I would go.

My husband said, "why don't you call him Shadoe".  So
that is how he got his name. Shadoe has been the best
buddy and friend I ever had. He has brought me through
more illnesses, as my nursemaid, watching over me very
closely. When I have been down ill, he has sat right at my
side, nursing me through.

Shadoe, even though a male, mothers our two cats constantly.
He sleeps between my husband and I every night, in our bed.
We never get a complete night's sleep, because Shadoe
wakes us up at least twice in the night. Yes, so he can go outside.

Well, we are very sad right now, because we have to make
a decision. Shadoe is almost totally blind. He is deaf and is
very lame. We don't know just how much longer we will have
Shadoe with us and in our family, but, we will continue to treat
him like a member of our family, until he is no longer with us.

Shadoe is the best dog we have ever had.  We will never find
another like him, should we look forever.
Sent in by: Pegi Ackerman


New Addition!

We get a lot of emails from you guys asking for past e-letters
we've published. So, if the cat walked across your keyboard
and deleted your last copy.........
we have put up on a web page almost every single issue of
"The Peppy Pets Daily" for you to view at your convenience.

Here's the index page of past e-letters....enjoy your weekend
and give your pet a hug and a scratch from us.


Did You Know That

Last year, the Pet Food Institute reported there were more
than 75 million pet cats and 60 million pet dogs in the United
States, and that more than 50 percent of American households
own at least one pet dog or cat.

Approximately 49 percent of pet owners use the Internet to find
pet products and services, & approximately 62 percent go
online for breed research

We have a 5 year old American Eskimo who is a trucker dog!
It doesn't qualify for "vacation" but to our boy it is one
long ride! Approximately 3-4 weeks!

We literally have to spell "trucking" so that he doesn't get
wild with excitement! His name is People. Why such an usual
name? Because he's all the "People" we need!

We have a female Chihuahua named "Kiki" who loves going for
rides as well, and we have to spell "ride" in front of her
now!! They both were raised on the road, so it's like a
second home to them and it never has been a problem to
prepare for the trip. The vehicles are always doggie - ready
with water, food, clothes, yes, they have a "wardrobe" of
sorts, toys, pillows, you name it, it's in the car or rig!

Thanks for your newsletter, I look forward to it daily!!
Mercedes Mejia

Our fur baby Shane always travels north to Lake Leelanau,
Mi. with us as that is where Grandma and Grandpa live during
the summer but when we actually take a vacation, we usually
go to Vegas so Shane stays home. We always plan our vacation
for when either Grandma and Grandpa are coming home from
Florida or headed to Florida so they can baby sit Shane.

He likes them to be here but hates it when we go away, there
is nothing like coming home and having your little guy meet
you to give you kisses, he almost wags his tail off his body
he is so happy to see us. Of course I feel the same way to
see him.
Jan Naumes


We only visit relatives & we have 2 Mexican old time
Chihuahua's they go traveling with us when were going to be
gone more than 3 days. Baby girl is older & can make the 6
hour trip in the back seat fine except for a small drink
about half way there.

Rocket is only 1 year old male & he has really thick hair &
has never traveled except round here, 15 to 20 minutes & he
gets really hyper, & sometimes has an asthma attack, but
outside the vehicle he's fine, and a very good watch dog,
nobody passes after dark that he don't tell us about.

Fluffy, is a 3 year calico cat, just had her 2nd litter of
kitties 3 weeks ago. She was wild & my son & I caught her &
brought her inside. She's a one person cat, want her a small
toddler but doesn't like adult strangers, thanks for
letting me tell you about my pets (children) enjoy you tips
about pets & the stories about your own pets.

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