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Peppy Pets: a very Cool read for Pet People
Aug. 25, 04

Our 9 Cats have their very own Cat Hotel to stay in.

Goober, Pickle, Tye Dye, Bear, Sylvester,
Buddy, Little Miss, Jacob.
By: Sharon Jones

Speaking of spoiled cats! I have nine cats that are inside,
outside. Each one of them with their own unique personality.
Bear, my grey cat, decided one day to get up on my son's
shelf with his pinewood derby case he built among other
things, and thought he would like to sleep there. So he very
methodically pushed them off one by one until the shelf was
clear. Then he proceeded to stretch out and take a nap. Of
course, my son was not very happy about this.

So, my husband and I decided we would build their Cat Hotel
complete with shelves to sleep on.

They now have two long shelves that they can stretch out and
sleep on in their cat hotel. My husband even put a square
hole in the top shelf so they didn't have to precariously
jump from the bottom to the top. And an easy means for them
to get up to the shelves to start with. So that they would
be comfortable in their slumber, he even put carpeting on
the shelves. What a life!

My Three Beautiful Cats: My Babies
Mommy Tamie

I have three beautiful cats that are the apples in my eyes.
Each has a different story. Since Eszie is my
favorite (please, don't tell the other two) her story is

Eszie (Eszmeralda) is a 7 yr. old Bombay mix, who we adopted
4 years ago. The first time I met her, at her former
"owners" house, she lay on my lap, purring and sleeping for
2 hours! I fell head over paws in love! But I couldn't
stop at just 1 cat.

Next comes Bug (Bugaboo). She is a black Angora with
beautiful, and HUGE yellow eyes. A friend of ours was
trying to bottle feed this 3 week old kitten, raise a
family, go to school and work, plus take care of another cat
and dog. I met Bug at my place of my employment, where she
fell asleep on my chest! When I mentioned her to my husband
he wasn't sure he wanted another cat, I convinced him to try
it for a week, that was 4 years ago!!

Finally, but in no way least is Buttons . She was supposed
to be a guinea pig ...but they were too expensive and the pet
store had a HUGE cage full of kittens. Buttons was sleeping
when I handed her to my husband. She woke up and
immediately started purring, I pleaded to be able to bring
another cat home and my loving husband agreed.

Now our family consists of 2 humans and 3 felines. I am so
blessed to be able to share my life with my beautiful
babies. If only I could get a dog.



My pet Slinky the cat stays with my cousin Sue on the Farm
as my apartment won't allow her in without declawing (that
to me is cruel) and an extra 200.00 charge per month when I
visit her she plays with me and seems happy. I can see what
she says now.

Thanks for leaving me here. I get fed, loved and have other
cats to play with. I was not abandoned like I was when you
first found me. But, can you tell Sue to let me have the
WHOLE bed, and, It is not her bed it is mine now. Well I do
share with Charlie but it is my bed ok?"

PearlAnn SnowStar

Bjork, pronounced 'bee-york'
Kathy Bontke

I went into the Vet's office to pay a bill. The Humane
Society is in there. There was this tiny, raspy cat cry
coming from a cage about head high. I found this tiny 5
week kitten hanging upside down from the top, so I adopted
her. The mother was a feral barn cat and the father was a
full Bobcat. Bjork grew to a small 7 1/2 pounds. She can
clear a 7' fence with 12" to spare.

Recently, I lost my husband to cancer. The grief never hit
me until a month later. Bjork will sleep in my bedroom at
night on my bed every night with the door closed. One night I
woke up and felt the loneliness creeping in. I began to cry
and sob. Bjork got up and walked over to my face and began
to rub my face with her little face and then she started
licking my tears. She would not stop loving on me, as if she
knew and wanted to help my pain and sadness. I put my arm
around her and held her close and she purred and purred and
never left my side until morning.

She sits on the edge (and stays there) of my cabinet when I
do things in the kitchen, and when I pull laundry out of my
closet, she pulls my socks out of the closet and leaves them
on the floor. She's so funny and my greatest companion! She
is my heart.

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