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The British & American

Bombay Cat Breeds

both Love Affection

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Bombay, the Parlor Panther

There are two different breeds of cats that are called
Bombay. The British Bombay is the name given to cats in the
Asian group that are black in color. They are closely
related to the Burmese, with a glossy, short, sleek black
coat and copper to greenish colored eyes.

The American Bombay was specifically bred by breeder Nikki
Horner of Shawnee Cattery to look like a black Panther (a
melanistic Leopard), and was shown to the public in 1958. It
is a cross between the Burmese and the American Shorthair.
American Bombays have satiny, short, jet black coats and
copper or golden eye color. They have been nicknamed the
"mini-panther" or "parlor panther" because of their
resemblance to the true Panther.

The Bombay is an agile, muscular cat with a solid black
coat. The British Bombay has a round wide head with a blunt,
medium-short, tapered muzzle. The eye color is usually brown
or green and the eyes should be shaped like those of the
Burmese and set wide apart. The ears should be slightly
rounded, medium sized, broad and set wide like the eyes.

The American Bombay has a jet black or occasionally sable-
colored coat with copper or golden colored eyes. They should
also have the same eye shape as the Burmese and a rounded
head with no edges in the shape. The ears are slightly
rounded at the tips. Because of its glossy coat it has
developed another nickname, "the Patent Leather Cat".

The Bombay requires very little grooming, like most short-
hair cat breeds. They have similar personalities to the
Burmese and are genetically virtually the same. Both breeds
are very affectionate and fun loving cats.

Both types of Bombays have unique voices and do not emit the
traditional "meow" vocalizations that most cats have.
Whether or not they are very vocal depends on the individual
cat and either is perfectly normal. Bombay cats are heat
seekers and will tend to sleep under the covers or on top of
your legs in order to be near warmth.

Bombays love human attention and are very affectionate cats.
Your Bombay will have no problem cuddling with you and will
sit next to you or on you when you sit down. They are very
beautiful cats because of their glossy coats and expressive
eyes, and are a great addition to any cat lover's household.

Picture Bombay Cat

Feed your Bombay Cat a High Quality Food
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

The Bombay cat is of medium size, this muscular extrovert's
most outstanding feature is it's soft, glossy coat.
If you rub it with a chamois cloth it will glow.

Complete and balanced foods, with high biological
value protein, all essential fatty acids, and zinc
are daily diet necessities.

But watch out! The Bombay enjoys meals and has
a tendency to overeat. Feed him Quality Cat Food, not quantity.

Discover more about what I consider a Delight
for feline palates:     Online Here

If a supermarket cat food is fed (not recommended) then
add a well rounded supplement with vitamins, 
minerals, amino acids, fats, or supplement with 
plants or herbs such as bee pollen, algae, or
parsley, rather than synthetic vitamins and minerals.

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