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Peppy Pets - Awesome Pet Newsletter
Aug. 25, 03

Tigger my best friend is just not like normal cats....
Donna McKeen

I have a tabby cat named Tigger. Tigger is my best friend
and just like my child. He is spoiled rotten and thinks he
is human.

Tigger is not like normal cats; I have taught
Tigger to do many things like drinking out of the kitchen
water faucet, catching a ball with his paws, bringing stuff
to me in his mouth.

I am in a wheelchair and Tigger is a big help to me doing
many things that I have to do. He guards me just like
anyone's guard dog would if it had not been for Tigger and
his love and companionship I would be lost he is just like
my child and I treat him just as I would a child. Wherever I
go Tigger goes too and he sleeps with me at night and is
with me wherever I go in the house and watches me like a

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New Addition!

We get a lot of emails from you guys asking for past e-letters
we've published. So, if the cat walked across your keyboard
and deleted your last copy.........

We have put up on a web page almost every single issue of
"The Peppy Pets Daily" for you to view at your convenience.

Here's the index page of past e-letters....enjoy your week
and give your pet a hug and a scratch from us.


Tilly my Dachshund

I have a 7 lb. blue merle mini Dachshund, who I got from the
Buddy Dog Society (for the small donation price of $99.00.)
That seems like a small amount for the pure love we have
received from this wonderful little alarm dog!! We call her
that because she sets off an alarm when someone comes, then
she hides in the tiniest, darkest place she can find. As if
to say "Hey guys I let you know there is some kind of
unacceptable noise, person, or thing happening,.. don't be
stupid... fend for yourselves!! "Got to laugh!!

But she has a great loud "big" bark. She had been abused,
and she feared above all, MEN. My husband has put in over a
year to gain her trust and love, and he has succeeded. She
now seems to trust and love him as much (or almost as much as
me) That makes me extremely happy. We know we saved her, no
one wanted her, someone signed up for her, and came back in
10 min, saying she didn't want to walk "right "on the leash.
My husband had a "funny feeling about this animal, kind of
special like, and told me to go check out if the adoption
had worked out.

They were ecstatic to see me there. The volunteer came
running up to me and hugged me w/ "I've been praying to hear
from you, I knew that dog should be with you". I had to hand
feed her for about 4 or 5 days, she never barked, not once
for 6 weeks. We had a few housebreaking problems, but she's
doing fine, these days, as long as the grown-ups in her life
pay attention to her messages.

We love her dearly. We never wanted a Dachshund, we went in
hoping for a Beagle. But God had other plans. As I type, she
just came and jumped into my lap w/a kiss and a very bored
yawn. She's a sweetie, we found each other and we will
protect each other w/our lives if need be.

We are now a small family, our kids all grown up and on their
own. We live on a very small income, as we are both
disabled. But we would not eat before she would go hungry. I
would like some info, if you could help, Tilly needs
something done about her breath, I have asked the vet, and
he says Dachshunds have a problem with dog dental issues and
generally the teeth just fall out. But I am not sure if her
bad (and I do mean bad breath) is caused by her teeth alone,
or possibly a stomach or intestinal ailment. I can't afford
to have her teeth "done" but I would try anything possible
to help her out.

Does anyone know any place in The Marlboro, Massachusetts
area that might help her out for a payment plan?? I tried
Tufts Veterinary school, to no avail, any info would be such
a blessing. Even some idea about her breath problem and a



Amos; Frisky; Buddy; Kitchie; Twinkle

Each one of our pets was a "Find". We found Frisky and Amos
at the dog pound; we found our cat, Twinkle, on the woodpile
one November morning (probably waiting on a breakfast
mouse). we found Kitchie at Rivendell Bed and Breakfast in
Watkinsville, Georgia. Actually, Andrew, my son, found
Kitchie. He (Andrew) was lying in the sun napping, as any
good cat lover is wont to do, and along came Kitchie, 6
weeks old, climbed on his chest, and fell asleep.

Then there's Buddy, the most spectacular find of all. He
was about to step out on the highway, and become road kill.
I pulled my car over and called to him gently. He stopped,
looked, and sat down. I opened the car door. In he jumped,
a matted muddy mess. When we got him cleaned up we found an
exceedingly well trained Lhasa Apsa, possibly show dog-
trained, little dude. We advertised everywhere and phoned.
No one claimed him. We think he may have been stolen and
then ran away from his captors.

Now, 2 years later, he is our precious "Lila Bud". AND he
DOES NOT BARK, except in his sleep. We think that was part
of his training. We also think his name may have been
"Cookie" as he really comes 'a running' to that word too.
Also, the first year we had him, there were a few times he
saw a dark colored (blue) van and ran up to it expectantly,
then disappointed that whoever he was searching for wasn't
there (That's why we think he was stolen. He sticks to us
like glue so we don't think he ran off)

I hope if someone reads this and he is theirs they will know
he has settled in a nice home and is much loved and cared
for. He also takes good care of us. When the alarm goes
off, he lays himself across the top of my head until I turn
it off and get up and walk him. He's trained us very
well!!! Veronica, and son, Andrew d'Entremont. P.S. We
would like to know how you got our email address. We would
like to thank whoever sent you our way.


Shirly Girl

Shirly Girl is a calico that I just lost yesterday. She was
always at the door when I opened it ready for love. She came
from a home that could not keep her anymore so I took her
in, like I do so many others. Last month while I was out
near the road ready to mow she came up to me, not knowing
she was there I started the mower causing her to run. She
ran right into the road and got hit by a van. They didn't
even stop, slow down, or hit their brakes.

I was in horror as I saw the whole thing. She ended up
coming out of it all ok but she didn't this time. At least
they could stop and say sorry or something. With living in
the country I don't have all my cats indoors (hubby would be

I will miss her when I open the door now but know one day we
will meet. I still have 7 cats left but no Shirly Girl.

I love you Shirly Girl!
Mom Belinda

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