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What laws protect

the Eagle

in our country?

U. S. Federal Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act

The Bald Eagle and Golden Eagle Protection Act makes it
illegal to take any of these two birds into captivity or to
take anything from these two birds such as feathers, nests
etcetera. Severe criminal and civil sanctions can be levied
and there is an enhanced penalty provision for those that
would do anything or take anything from these birds.

There is also a provision for seizure of any equipment used
to trap eagles. There are some provisions for use of eagles
or their parts for scientific, exhibition or Native American
religious use, but the general public must leave them in

This Act applies to the United States of America and all
states that are subject to its laws. Anyone who traps,
barters, sells, purchases, possesses, exports or imports
Bald or Golden Eagles or their parts alive or dead is
subject to this act. If you are caught with live or dead
eagles or their parts, you can be subject to a maximum fine
of five thousands dollars and one year in prison.

If you are caught in a second offense you can be fined ten
thousand dollars and imprisoned for two years! Half of any
monies will be given to the person who reports you. Each
eagle or part taken or acquired can be treated as a separate
offense resulting in multiple thousands of dollars in fines
and many years in prison.

If good cause is shown the penalties and charges may be
waived. Each offense is regarded and the Secretary of the
Interior determines penalty.

If you lease land for grazing from the government your
license or permit can be revoked if you are ever caught
violating this act and you can expect no reimbursement of
any funds that you have paid to the government for the
grazing rights.

The provisions that are within this act are that allow for
the taking of these eagles or their parts for the purpose of
exhibition, scientific or religious purpose are presided
over by the Secretary of the Interior.

In the case of exhibition the eagle or their parts dead or
alive can be taken and displayed in museums, scientific
societies and zoological parks.

Native Americans who need the parts of bald or golden eagles
for their religion are authorized to take the necessary
parts for religious purposes.

In some cases the Secretary of the Interior may have to
authorize the capture and transport of Bald or Golden Eagles
to a different location because they have become a nuisance
or they are in danger where they have been found. This is
for the protection of the species and not for any other
gain. The Governor of the state where the eagles are located
must also give his or her permission.

If you are caught with any parts dead or alive of a Bald or
Golden Eagle, everything associated with the capture and
storage will be forfeited to the government.

The Bald Eagle is the National Bird and the emblem of the
United States of America and this Act affords them the
protection that they need to survive.

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