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These Figurines of the Regal Beagle Will Make a Great Gift!

You will be amazed at how charming these colorful and
lifelike Beagle figurines are! They are so Charming and Sweet
if you love Beagles, you will cherish these Beagle Figurines.

The Beagle is truly a regal breed. In Great Britain they
were kept for hunting by the nobility, and royal ladies
carried a special variety, the "Pocket Beagle," in their
saddle pockets as they rode to the hunt, and played with
them later at the royal table.

The Beagle has always been one of the most popular breeds of
dogs, and for good reason. The Beagle's good looks and
loving, playful personality have endeared him to families
all over the world, and as a working dog his fantastic nose
is put to good use by hunters and law enforcement alike.

If you or someone you know loves dogs, especially Beagles,
our loveable Beagle figurines will provide a lifetime of
enjoyment and provoke many smiles. Collectors of quality
figurines will love them too.

Choose the adorable Beagle poised to sit playfully on the
top of your computer monitor and lighten your work, or the
Bitty Beggar Beagle who is begging for a treat. (We know
Beagles love their treats!) You can also get a cute Beagle
puppy sitting happily as it waits for its master to come

Go now to our convenient and easy shopping online store and
see all these adorable but low cost Beagle figurines, along
with very many other gifts, calendars, posters, accessories
and more, featuring the Regal Beagle as well as the other
breeds of dogs you love.

Get Your Charming Beagle Figurine Here

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