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History and Origins


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History and Origin of the Boston Terrier Breed
By: Tippy

The Boston Bull Terrier was bred for pit-fighting and was
downsized for the lightweight division of this sport. The
original Boston Terrier was the Olde Boston Bulldogge that
weighed in up to forty-four pounds. They were tough
ferocious fighters in the pits and it made them valuable to
the gambling groups.

This breed originated in Boston, Massachusetts and was a
cross between the English Bulldog and the now extinct
English White Terrier.

Coachmen that were employed by the wealthy around 1865
started breeding their employer's dogs to get a smaller more
compact bulldog. The result was a dog named Hooper's Judge
that weighed in at thirty pounds and won many fights. Its
progeny was then bred to smaller and smaller dogs and a
French Bulldog that provided the foundation for the Boston
Bull Terrier of today.

Fanciers established the American Bull Terrier Club in 1889
when the breed became sufficiently popular, but this name
for the breed was not well accepted by the fanciers of the
breed. Shortly after that the dog was officially named the
Boston Terrier after the birthplace of the breed.

The Boston Terrier breed was officially recognized by the
American Kennel Club in 1893. It was first shown in 1870 in
Boston. The markings and color of the breed in the beginning
were not considered very important. But the standard for the
coloring was added by the 1900's. The coloring and pattern
of the dog is now one of the hallmarks of the breed.

The Boston Terrier is really only a terrier in name, having
lost most of their terrier wildness and desire for
destruction. They prefer being around humans and are more of
a lapdog. Some male dogs of the breed will still challenge
other male dogs for dominance when they feel their territory
is being challenged.

Today the Boston Terrier is mostly a companion dog. They are
sweet, high energy, affectionate dogs that make them great
for families. They are wonderful around the elderly and
don't have to be watched around children, although you may
want to watch the children around them since they are so
small. This dog breed loves their owners and will proudly be
by your side for all of their lives.

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