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Learning about

Boston Terrier Dogs

Traits and Character


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Boston Bull Terrier - These Dogs are Fully Alive, and
do require a Strong Owner

By: Tippy

The Boston Terrier, also known as the Boston Bull or Boston
Bull Terrier, is a small, compact and well muscled dog. The
head is flat and broad with no wrinkles. Boston Bulls have
very distinct faces that are a hallmark of the breed. The
muzzle is wide and short, leading to a large black nose, and
they have large round dark eyes that are set far apart and
fine, small erect ears.

The neck is somewhat arched and the chest is broad. The
limbs of the dog are muscular and straight. The hair is
brilliant, fine and short and comes in colors of brindle and
white, black and white and some are brown and white.

The Boston Terrier is an alert, enthusiastic, gentle,
intelligent, well-mannered dog, but not given enough
exercise they can become high strung and rambunctious, or
conversely, lazy and obese.

Boston Terrier dogs aren't difficult to train as they like to
learn. Because they are so intelligent they are able to pick
up tricks very quickly. They are very sensitive to the tone
of your voice when speaking to them.

They can become willful if proper leadership isn't shown to
this dog. They are susceptible to small dog syndrome in
which they believe they are the leaders of humans. This can
lead to different bad behaviors developing. The Boston Bull
Terrier needs confident, consistent, firm, gentle leadership
and an owner who displays natural authority without being
overbearing. If you are a very meek person it would be
better not to own a terrier of any kind.

Because these dogs are small and owners of this dog love
them so much, dogs of this breed have a tendency to become
spoiled and treated more like a child than a dog. This can
wreck a dogs psyche and make them act badly different from
the way they were bred to be. Spoiling a dog is never good
for them. Treats for good behavior or every now and again
are fine, but never allow a dog to tell you what to do.

Some owners of Boston Bulls have reported that the dog makes
a good watchdog and only barks when necessary. Other owners
of female Boston Terriers have stated that she doesn't bark
even when someone is at the door. Both sexes are reliable
with children and good with the elderly. They are very
friendly to strangers.

The Boston Terrier is affectionate and playful and wants to
be a part of the family. They are very popular in the United
States because of their excellent character. They get along
well with other pets in the household, but they can become
dominant and fight with other dogs if proper leadership
isn't displayed to them. Because this is a toy dog you may
have some trouble housebreaking this breed, small dogs can't
hold their bowels and bladders as well as average sized

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