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Boston Terrier



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Complete Care Guide for the Adorable Boston Terrier Puppies
By: Tippy

The Boston Terrier breed is a uniquely American breed that
originated in Boston Massachusetts. From their original
medium size as fighting bulldogs they were bred down using
various bull and terrier breeds of dogs. The Boston Terrier
is now classed as a nonsporting breed and they are noted for
having very gentle personalities.

The Boston Terrier puppy most often has to be delivered
by Caesarian. This is because the breed has an overly large
head and a narrow pelvis, making birthing often impossible
for the mother dog. Because of this there may be problems
with the puppies and for some time after they are born they
will need to be watched closely to make sure that they do
not stop breathing.

The mother dog will also have to be watched closely to make
sure that she starts producing milk and that the puppies are
able to nurse. When dogs have C-sections they do not always
produce milk, at least right away. The puppies need to be
encouraged as soon as possible to nurse on the mother dog or
the she may never get milk for her puppies. If the mother
dog doesn't produce any, your veterinarian can recommend
supplemental milk for puppies.

The mother dog will be in considerable pain after having had
a c-section and will have to be given medication, and the
puppies will have to be watched to make sure that they do
not put too much strain on the mother dog. If it looks like
the puppies are becoming dehydrated or frantically nursing a
great deal they may not be getting enough milk and this can
cause undue pain to the mother dog and the puppies.

Be sure to give the mother dog good food and maybe even
vitamin supplements in order to help her produce more milk
for the puppies. There should also be plenty of fresh water
for her to drink at all times. Bedding should be changed
when it is soiled to prevent disease and sickness.

Both the mother dog and puppies should be kept in a warm dry
place away from drafts. New puppies can't regulate their
body core temperatures well, so drafts can be deadly to a
new puppy. Also, handling of the puppies should be kept to a
minimum until they start to move on their own.

The Boston Bull Terrier puppy is very sensitive to the new
world into which it has been born. They react emotionally to
the tones of people's voices. They need a stable home
environment and controlled introductions to noises, people,
dogs, cats and children. Socialization is important for this
breed; otherwise they may become shy and have problems with
separation anxiety.

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