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Information about Boston Terrier Rescue Groups
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The Boston Terrier Rescue is a nonprofit group of people who
love Boston Bull Terriers and work together to provide
abused, neglected or unwanted dogs a good, loving family.

This can include collecting Boston Terriers from "Free"
classified ads, 'kill' shelters, taking in strays or any
other number of ways that unwanted Boston Terriers appear in
our communities. Rescuers will take the Boston Bull to a
veterinarian to be checked, get inoculations up to date,
spay or neuter and test for heartworms.

Rescuing Boston Bull Terriers is an involved process and
requires you to commit to being responsible for the dog.
Rescue groups or shelters most often have to pay to get the
dogs out of shelters and checked by a veterinarian, observe
the Boston Terrier for tendencies or behaviors, screen
potential adopters or fosters and advertise that there is a
potential Boston Bull to be adopted or fostered.

Each Boston Terrier dog comes with its own unique story and
history. Every case is different. Some dogs were neglected
and have been never been cared for properly. These dogs
usually have no obedience training and are in poor condition
psychologically and sometimes physically. Some dogs have
been abused and may have issues with humans the rest of
their lives. Some dogs have been moved around and given away
so much that they have no clue how to respond properly to a

Boston Terrier Rescues are put into place to protect the
breed and foster love and care for these special dogs. A lot
of time and money is put into these projects to help these
dogs that most often need a lot of help. Every dog needs to
be worked with so that it can learn to love and trust again.
Even best case scenario, rescued Boston Bulls likely have
abandonment issues that need to be worked through.

Thankfully, dogs have the ability to love unconditionally no
matter what pain and abuse they have been through. As long
as you are patient and kind and give the dog time to adjust
to you and its surroundings most issues can be worked
through. People who work with rescues to rehabilitate Boston
Bulls and those that foster them spend a good deal of time
and effort on these dogs at their own expense.

Be aware that most rescued dogs are not free but this
doesn't near cover the cost and effort that goes into
rescuing one of these dogs. Rescues are not for-profit
organizations that run on donations. Often these
associations have problems even running, let along taking in
all of the dogs that need help.

Do plenty of planning first if you are considering adopting
a rescued Boston Bull Terrier.

Before a rescue dog is given to a family most often there is
a screening process that potential adoptees will have to go
through. There will be basic education on how to care for a
dog and a tacit understanding that taking this dog is a
life-long commitment. Also there will be fees for
veterinarian checkups, shots, grooming, flea and tick
control, feeding, dental care, and etcetera. Taking care of
a Boston Bull, like any dog, is an expensive proposition.

Taking home a dog is a big responsibility. You would never
leave one of your children behind, hurt, abuse or neglect
them. Dogs are the same and need the same level of care as a
child. You need to nurture a dog, train it, teach it, feed
it, water it, care for its health needs, love it, and make
it your companion and family member. Dogs are not a toy to
be put away or given away when your life changes. There is a
large a commitment that you need to make before you even
consider taking a dog home to love and care for all of their lives.

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