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History & Traits of

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Will the Cairn Terrier make a Good Family Pet?
By Tippy

The Cairn Terrier breed is known to be bossy, clever,
feisty, impulsive, independent, intense, lively, persistent,
quick to bark, quick to chase, scrappy and stubborn.

Of course, every individual dog has its own personality and
differences in character. The Cairn tends to be an
independent breed in general. A Cairn Terrier isn't a lapdog
in general. They have far too much energy to sit for long
periods in someone's lap. After a while they will tend to
get impatient and want to get down to explore.

They are intelligent dogs, and curious, which makes them
extremely quick learners. But remember that your Cairn may
learn things from watching you that you may not necessarily
want it to learn, such as how to get into the dog food or
the trash. They are sensitive dogs so harsh punishment is
never the best way to train this dog. Make the training fun
for your dog and it will obey happily.

Be sure to let this dog know that you are the one in charge
or the dog will literally walk all over you. This is a basic
principle with dogs and is particularly true for the terrier
breeds. They have no problem with the idea of being the
master of the house. This breed needs firm but kind,
constant, consistent training and discipline.

These dogs like to dig, so do not leave them alone in a
landscaped yard or you may be sorry. Remember that these
terriers were bred to bark as they chased prey through the
brush and to dig animals out of their burrows, so your Cairn
does not consider barking and digging to be bad habits, but
rather simply doing its job.

The Cairn Terrier has a natural, shaggy looking coat that
does take some time to care for. If a Cairn Terrier's coat
is neglected it soon becomes a matted mess. The Cairn
Terrier will need its coat brushed out several times a week.
This should be done gently so as not to pull or damage the
soft undercoat.

Once a month the Cairn Terrier needs a bath, and then once
the coat is dry the coat needs to be brushed out. Trim
around the ears and eyes with blunt scissors and be sure to
clip the dog's nails regularly. The Cairn Terrier sheds very
little and people who only have mild troubles with allergies
will get along fine with this breed.

The male Cairn Terrier can reach ten to thirteen inches
(twenty-five to thirty-three centimeters) in height and
weigh between fourteen and eighteen pounds (six and one half
to eight kilograms). The female can reach nine to twelve
inches (twenty-three and thirty-one centimeters) and weigh
between thirteen and seventeen pounds (six to eight
kilograms). These measurements are based on healthy averages
for this breed.

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