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Cairn Terrier Care &

Nutritional Needs

Toto & Dorothy, in The Wizard of Oz

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First Class Care Tips for your Cairn Terrier
From the desk of Tippy & Alfred

The Cairn Terrier tends to gain weight easily so you should
not over feed this dog. Treats should also be limited
despite the cute begging face it gives you.

Some of the hereditary health problems sometimes found in
the Cairn Terrier include:

- Cataracts
- Corneal dystrophy
- Craniomandibular osteopathy (Lion Jaw)
- Entropion
- Hip dysplasia
- Hypothyroidism
- Krabbe disease (Globoid cell leukodystrophy)
- Legg-Calvé-Perthes syndrome
- Luxating patella
- Ocular Melanosis
- Portosystemic shunt
- Progressive retinal atrophy
- Von Willebrand disease

Be sure to buy your Cairn from a reputable breeder who gives
you a guarantee and a veterinarian's health statement.

Cairn Terrier dogs with sufficient exercise can live
comfortably in an apartment. They are a very active dog
indoors and do best when they have a small yard to run
around in.

The Cairn Terrier needs a daily walk with its master to take
care of its doggie physical and psychological needs. Playing
with the dog will take care of a lot of its exercise needs.
Cairns love to chase a ball or play tug of war. These dogs
can be let off the leash in a safe area like a fenced
backyard or a dog park.

Cairns like to chase so they shouldn't be left off the leash
in areas that don't have proper security. Cairns also
sometimes have a problem with small dog syndrome and if
spoiled will start bad behaviors. These behaviors can
include: growling, guarding, separation anxiety and

Overall this breed is the consummate terrier and will need
firm guidance and preferably obedience training from a very
young age. Dogs tend to get more stubborn and willful as
they grown older. Do not allow this dog to believe it's the
boss or you can wind up with a real problem child.

The Cairn Terrier needs firm, consistent, constant, kind
discipline and training. Without proper training and
leadership this breed can have a problem with obsessive
barking and destructive behaviors.

Cairns have been known to live on average twelve to fifteen
years and occasional individual dogs have lived to over
twenty. So with good care your little friend should give you
many laughs for a long, long time.

Cairn Terrier

For Love of the Cairn Terrier Dog - what I Recommend
Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.


Toto in The Wizard of Oz made the Cairn Terrier
breed famous.

These hard coated dogs develop the best wiry outer 
coat and thick, soft undercoat on a high quality
protein and fat food.

Here's the Ultimate Carte du jour
and Savory Treats for your Cairn Terrier Dog

Premium Food and Wholesome Treats for Cairn Terriers Here

Shedding can become a problem, so in order to increase the
nutrient uptake from the good food you are feeding, vegetable
enzymes are recommended.

If their love of cold weather and snow necessitates
frequent baths, add a fatty acid skin and coat 
conditioner to the diet or as a treat.

See my recommendation for a Quality Skin & Coat Formula

While their high energy level doesn't make them
candidates for diets, carrots and celery are
better treats than biscuits.

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