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Deramaxx for

Joint Problems

Arthritis in Dogs

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Medicines used to treat Canine Arthritis - Deramaxx
By: Tippy

Deramaxx is an NSAID that treats Canine Arthritis and other
associated joint diseases. Deramaxx is a controlled
substance that can only be prescribed by a licensed
veterinarian. It is currently sold as a chewable tablet to
make it easier for your dog to ingest.

What is Deramaxx?

Deramaxx is the brand name of Deracoxib and is manufactured
by Novartis. This drug was approved by the FDA to treat
Canine Arthritis
. It comes in several different dosages and
quantities. You can receive Deramaxx in 25 milligrams,
seventy-five milligrams and one hundred milligrams chewable

These chewable tablets are beef flavored so that your dog
will not reject the medication and instead perhaps think it
is a treat rather than medicine.

How would Deramaxx work on my Dog?

Deramaxx is said to reduce a certain chemical in the body
known as Cox-2 that causes pain and inflammation in the
joints. Normally Cox-2 helps to protect the joints by
providing further cushion to damaged areas. In the case of
Canine Arthritis it only aggravates the problem and causes
more pain.

This drug also reduces fevers and has been known to be
prescribed for surgery pain and dental extractions. This
drug has been prescribed for dogs suffering from
hip dysplasia as well. This drug helps to alleviate symptoms
associated with the disease.

Where can I get Deramaxx?

Deramaxx is a controlled substance meaning that it can only
be dispensed if you have a prescription for the drug from a
licensed veterinarian. You can then go and get it from your
local pharmacy. In most cases this drug is not covered by
any insurance unless you have prescription coverage for your

Before Deramaxx is prescribed your veterinarian will want to
put your dog through a series of tests and checkups to
determine whether Deramaxx is the best treatment for your
individual dog. In some cases Deramaxx has been shown to
reverse Canine Arthritis if caught early enough. Your
veterinarian will prescribe the drug with specific
instructions on how it is to be taken by your dog and how
frequently. Never give more or less than the recommended
dose of medication.

What is the right dose of Deramaxx?

The dosage of Deramaxx can only be determined by a licensed
veterinarian for the individual dog, but the usual dosage of
Deramaxx is one and four tenths to one and eight tenths per
pound of dog. This algorithm is mostly followed for dogs
that are prescribed Deramaxx for post-operative pain and

For Canine Arthritis the daily dose of Deramaxx is lower.
The dosage will probably be forty-five hundredths to less
than one milligram per pound of weight of your dog. You
should give your dog food prior to taking this medication as
ingestion of food before taking Deramaxx has been shown to
help absorption of the drug.

Your dog should drink plenty of water while taking this
drug. Deramaxx can be given by mouth as the tablet is a
chewable that is beef flavored so your dog will take it if
not enjoy it. Never increase or decrease dose! If you miss a
dose do not double up! Only give more or less Deramaxx if
you have permission from your veterinarian.

What should I do if I forget to give my dog a tablet at the
right time?

If you remember within a few hours of the next dose you can
go ahead and give it to the dog. However you should never
double the dose as this can lead to an overdose that can be
fatal to your dog.

What if my dog overdoses from taking Deramaxx?

An overdose of Deramaxx is very serious and the dog needs to
be treated for it immediately! You need to take your dog to
a veterinarian or if you can get to your veterinarian right
away call poison control and follow their recommendations.

Symptoms of Deramaxx overdose include:

- Drowsiness
- Headaches
- Irregular Urination
- Nausea
- Slow Breathing
- Stomach Pain
- Vomiting
- Coma
- Death

If you see your dog exhibiting any of these symptoms and you
believe it is from an overdose of Deramaxx, the veterinarian
should be notified immediately and the dog should be taken
to the veterinarian for treatment as soon as possible.

Are there any side effects to taking Deramaxx?

Deramaxx does have possible side effects including:

- Abdominal Pains
- Bloody Stool
- Bruising
- Fatigue
- Itching
- Jaundice
- Skin Rashes
- Tenderness
- Water Retention
- Weight Gain

If any of the symptoms get out of control you should contact
your veterinarian about possibly lowering the dosage that
your dog is taking or change the drug completely.

These side effects listed above are normal, however they
shouldn't become serious or ultimately cause more discomfort
for your dog. Regular checkups with your veterinarian are
necessary while your dog is on the medications so that
should a side effect occur it can be dealt with immediately.

Can my dog take Deramaxx and other drugs?

If your dog is taking any vitamin supplements, herbal remedies or other
medications now or in the past your veterinarian should be
informed. Deramaxx is an NSAID and it can interact with
other medications, vitamins and/or herbal remedies. Deramaxx
should not be taken with another NSAID as it can cause a
negative reaction to occur. In most cases Deramaxx can
safely be taken with vitamins and herbal remedies.

What precautions should I take if my dog is taking Deramaxx?

Deramaxx is used for the treatment of Canine Arthritis
primarily. It has happened that a dog develops allergies to
NSAIDs, and Deramaxx is the same type of drug. If your dog
suffers from allergic or adverse reactions to NSAID's then
Deramaxx should not be prescribed for your dog.

Is Deramaxx effective?

Deramaxx is a pain reliever for dogs suffering from Canine
Arthritis and post-operative pain. The other effect of
Deramaxx that it actually helps the affected parts to heal,
although healing of course takes more time. Relief from
Canine Arthritis may occur over a period of time.

This drug affects every dog differently. With some dogs it
work very well, with others it may not work at all. For this
reason it is very important that your veterinarian oversee
your dog's ongoing treatment. Your dog may experience pain
frequently while on this drug because the overall effects of
Deramaxx take time to reach potency.

Can humans be given Deramaxx?

Deramaxx is formulated for pets, it is not a human drug.
Because of this dosages and formulation are very different
than medications for a human. Deramaxx can be given to other
animals but only if it is prescribed by a veterinarian.

Where should I keep Deramaxx?

Never put Deramaxx where pets or children may get it. Keep
the medication is a dry, cool place. Never mix Deramaxx with
other drugs especially those used for humans. If someone
accidentally takes Deramaxx call poison control and take
them to an emergency room.

Where can I find information about Deramaxx?

You can always discuss Deramaxx with your veterinarian or
even your doctor. You can also discuss Deramaxx with your
Pharmacist. But the best possible source of information is
Novartis, the manufacturer of the drug, which can give you
any information about the drug you may want.

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