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Becoming Familiar with

the Characteristics

of the Cat Family

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How to Identify or Adopt a Cat based on it's Characteristics
By: Alfred

You can determine based on a cat's characteristics what type
of cat breed it most likely comes from. This can sometimes be
determined by the coat color and length and the cat's

Cat's temperament tendencies vary between the various
breeds, and coat color also seems to have a link to the
temperament of a cat, even in mixed breeds. For example,
tortoiseshell colored cats (Mostly female cats with a coat
comprised of mottles or brindle of black, grey, brown,
yellow and orange but no white.) are known to be
temperamental and quirky, as are the Siamese breed.
Tortoiseshell cats are also likely to enjoy playing with
water, for some reason.

Red or ginger cats are believed by some to be very friendly
to humans but stubborn and more aggressive to other cats.
Black cats may be more independent and inclined to wander,
and all white cats are usually laidback homebodies. In fact,
if some white is included in the coat color of any color of
cat, including tortoiseshell, the cat will be much calmer
and more easygoing than cats of the solid color.

Every cat breed or family has a set of typical cat behavioral
and personality traits and this is most apparent in
purebreds. There are of course exceptions to every rule but
on the whole this is the case.

First you should make a list of characteristics that you
want in your cat. This helps you to determine which breed
you are more likely to enjoy as a companion animal.

Do you want a cat that is quiet, or talky? Do you want a cat
that is very active, or one that prefers sleeping in your
lap all day? Do you want a cat that can learn tricks and do
crafty things?

Do you want your cat to get along well with other pets and
children? Do you want to be the center of your cat's life,
or do you want it to be independent? These are some of the
questions you should ask yourself before you fall in love
with a kitten or cat.

With a little bit of research before you go out to adopt a
cat you may be able to find a cat that will harmonize with
you well and fit into your household, even if it is to
adopt a cat from an animal shelter.

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