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Every cat wants some cat furniture to lounge or play on.
Here you'll find the perfect cat furniture
for both playtime and naptime.

Cozy wholesale Cat Furniture that will help keep
your precious kitty warm, contented, and happy

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Excitement with Cat Furniture

Cats make wonderful pets but they can be a bit
destructive at times. Most breeds of cats require
exercise and stimulation or they may get hyperactive
and cause trouble with you and your prized objects.
Cats play, hide and scratch as part of their daily

Cats jump to the highest perches and take a snooze,
invariably in those selfsame places. Often said highest
perch is the top of a valuable cabinet or the top shelf
of your bookcase where that valuable vase or statuette
is located. The cat furniture that is available makes
sure that your cat has some other place to be that is
exclusively its own where it won't destroy your
property. That way the cat is happy and you are too.
Cat furniture is made to blend in and match your
furniture or decorating style so that it isn't out of
place and garish.

Cats need something to scratch because it maintains
their claws. Many people think that the stropping or
scratching of the cat is the cat "sharpening its
claws," when in fact they are in a way shedding their
claws. When a cat claws at a surface it leaves behind
the older top layer of the claw and exposes the newer
and sharper under-claw.

Your cat will scratch or strop its claws from instinct,
and your furniture doesn't have to be the target of
this action. This is a strong instinct because in the
wild a cat's claws are necessary to its survival.

When you choose cat furniture be sure to choose some
that uses sisal or wood for your cat to strop against.
Remember that after a while the furniture will be
shredded so it is better to get higher quality cat
furniture that will resist this action and last longer.

Your cat also requires exercise, like any carnivore
they will regularly practice stalking, climbing and
pouncing. If your cat likes to jump high then getting a
cat tree with high platforms would be best. Keep in
mind your cats' likes and needs and choose the best cat
furniture for them.

Cats will also mark their territories with scent. If
you have cat furniture it gives them an alternative to
your favorite chair. Cats have scent glands in their
paws that will mark when they are scratching. You can
rub catnip on the new cat furniture to get your cat to
like the furniture right off, or use an article of your
clothing to make the furniture smell more like home.

Here are some types of cat furniture:

- Cat Beds
- Cat Houses
- Cat Sofas/Couches
- Cat Platforms
- Cat Condos
- Cat Scratching Posts
- Cat Trees
- Still more

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