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Why does my

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and Caterwaul

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Curbing your Cat's Caterwauling
By: Alfred

Is your Cat's Caterwauling driving you absolutely Bonkers?

Your cat is a family member that can't tell you what's wrong
or what's happening so its only means of communication is to
meow at greater and greater decibels till it gets your
attention. Some cats develop a habit of doing this when they
want something from you.

A cat that constantly yells or meows can be trying to get
your attention and may feel that this is the only way to do
so. Or they may be in some kind of physical pain or
psychological stress. They can't tell you what's wrong in
words, so you will have to figure it out.

It could be that there is a stray cat hanging around outside
your house. Or, if you have an unspayed female she could be
yowling to get a mate's attention. It could also be a habit
your cat developed to get your attention in order to get
food, water or petting.

There are steps that you can take to curb your cat's
constant vocalizing. No one wants to listen to a cat meowing
all the time even if it has a cute voice. Here are some
steps you can take to retrain your cat and possibly get it
to stop.

1. Take you cat to a veterinarian. There are a lot of
different ailments that could be causing physical pain and
distress to your cat. Take your cat to the veterinarian to
get your cat the medical attention that it needs to fix
whatever is causing the pain.

If your cat is suffering from anxiety your veterinarian can
prescribe an anti-anxiety drug for it to take in order to
help your cat live a more normal life.

2. If you find that there is nothing physically wrong with
your cat then look for a trigger for the vocalizations. If
you cat constantly goes to a window and starts meowing take
a look and see what is outside that may be causing the

If the issue is a stray cat or a neighborhood cat in your
yard, you can buy shades for that window or close off the
room where the window is to keep your cat from seeing the
trigger that causes the caterwauling. If you cat is of
breeding age and not yet spayed or neutered, set up an
appointment to have it done immediately.

Often the reason why a cat starts yowling at other cats if
she is a female is because she is trying to attract a mate.
So unless you want kittens, get her spayed.

3. Make sure that you are not reinforcing the bad behavior
in your cat.
If you are in bed and trying to go to sleep and
then when your cat starts meowing and you get up and give
her a treat of course the cat is going to believe that this
is the way to get treats.

Instead try to anticipate the needs of your cat by having
the water and food available before you go to bed so that if
your cat starts meowing at you, you can ignore it. Remember,
don't give into your cat's demands or the cat will think
that it can make you do what it wants with a "Meow". Wear
earplugs if you have to.

4. Anticipate your cat's needs before it starts meowing at
you. If you have cuddles with your cat in the afternoon make
a point of stopping whatever you are doing and going to give
the cat cuddles before it bothers you for them. Schedule
yourself if you have to in order to let your cat know that
it is loved and adored and has no reason to bug or pester

5. When your cat is being good and quiet, reward it with a
treat. Give the cat things it likes such as a favorite toy,
catnip, attention, outdoor time, and etcetera. Rewarding
good behavior is the fastest way to stop bad habits before
they get worse.


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