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Cat Jokes are Fun, but you'll Love these Stories

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Oreo the little Lordling
Eva Jarvis

Oreo, a.k.a., the little lordling because we all know how
cats are, seems to think he is part dog. He loves to play
fetch, of all things. Not only does he retrieve a ball
but he bats it with his paw and then expects his human to
fetch! If you do not fetch in the allotted time he has given
you he nips your toes.

He also enjoys sitting in the recliner and guarding the
remote control. We joke about how this cat likes to watch animal
planet and drink milk. Well at least its not football and


Shirley Berry

Nappy (she takes a lot of naps) is a beautiful Calico cat who
adopted us about three years ago. She walked in one day,
made herself at home, and captured our hearts. She has my
husband wrapped around her little white paw (me, too). She
is spoiled (aren't they all?):

Each morning she meows at 6:00 a.m. for me to open the patio
and let her out onto the screened-in patio so she can survey
her kingdom like the queen she is. Then she meows again (we
understand her language) for my husband to put her blanket
onto his lap so she can sit there and be scratched while he
reads his morning paper.

When I go into the bathroom she used to jump into the sink
and meow for me to let the water run so she could get a
drink. Now she waits for me to put water in a cup and put
it on the floor for her to drink.

We'd almost forgotten how wonderful a pet, especially a cat,
can be. Nappy has reminded us.


Mrs. Terry Chisholm

**Scarlette first came to me in 1995 at the grand age of 6
months. I had always wanted a Red Point Siamese and brother,
did I get one. She was Heck on wheels, so to speak. Still
is, come to think of it. She has amazed me every step of the

She has a number of "siblings", some Siamese (my favorites)
and some not (I guess, truthfully, they are all my
favorites). Anyway, Scarlette has readily accepted each and
every newcomer who wanders in. When my Blue Point female
(Jodi) died of pneumonia shortly after giving birth to a
deformed kitten. Neither the baby nor Scarlette acted as
anything were wrong. I bottle-fed the baby (JJ) and
Scarlette performed all of the amenities. Unfortunately, the
baby had a genetic lung problem and we lost her at about the
age of three months.

The next baby she has helped to raise is a now 2 year old
Red Point Himalayan male. Fred came to us at the young age
of 2 months. He was so tiny we put Scarlette in our "office"
with Fred. And there he lived until about 6 months (and now
lives where he pleases in the house).. Scarlette has always
kept a watchful eye on Fred.

Her nickname is Carly Simonese, after Carly Simon from the
1970's. Her other "claim to fame" is that when I go to sleep
at night she curls around my neck till I drift off. The purr
is quite comforting. Maybe some time I can tell you about my
other kitties and my dog.


Sassy Wonderful Cat

Hi, My name is Tania. I have a 2 year old Cat, his name is
Sassy. I got him from a stray of cats that had a litter
around moms apartment. He is white and black.

Well let me start by saying he's the best cat I've ever
known. He's so compatible, and friendly, kind of. And he
knows when I'm sad or not feeling well. And he show's me
lots of love and attention when I'm sick. Lot of attention.

I must tell you he's so smart. Since he was very little I
trained him with a squirt bottle. I trained him not to come
in the kitchen when I'm eating, so he wait's in the living
room till I'm done. He doesn't come in the kitchen till he
sees me put my plate in the sink. Then he'll look at me and
make sure I'm done and come in. And he has a room of his own
with toy's and litter box and food.

Well when I'm getting his food ready he rubs on my legs back
and forth. Then I'll say sassy go to your room, He'll run to
the room and wait for me by the door to bring in his food.
Then when he's on my lap at night and I want him to get
down,, I'll say Sassy get down, and he will.

My cat is a indoor cat. He has been since I got him. I
opened the door for him once to see if he wanted to go out,
but he walked away from the door. He love's the indoors. And
I'm glad because I don't worry about flies. I thank God for
giving me such a beautiful Angel, as a cat. Well ,there's
my cat story. There's so much more I could tell you, but
this should describe him well.

Thanks Tania


Pesky's Unique Meow Sound

I have 11 cats now and two dogs. The cats are mixed breeds
with one black Persian, and the dogs are Rat Terriers. One
dog stays in with the cats and the other stays outside. We
accumulated this many because we keep seeing cats that would
die if we did not take them in.

My story is about a cat I had back in the 1960's as a
teenager. His name was Pesky and he was yellow and white. He
was also part Siamese but did not look it but you could tell
when he meowed. What was peculiar about him is he would play
fetch just like a dog. My sister had a small round brush
that went to a pyramid thing for her hair and Pesky stole
that small round brush and would play fetch with it. He
would drop it in my lap when he wanted to play and when he
got tired, he would hide it till next time.

The thing you will not believe is he had a meow that sounded
like he was saying momma and other words. When he wanted out
his meow would sound like he was saying out. He shocked
several neighbors using his talk like meow to the point that
the thought they were going insane. No one believed us till
they heard him for their self. Even after hearing him they
denied it if we said something in front of someone that had
not heard him, and when we asked them why they did not back
us up they said because people thought we were crazy and
they did not want the same thing said about them.

Steve Thrash


Princess and Cowgirl

You see, out of my two cats, Cowgirl is the energetic one,
always chasing her tail and running around. Princess runs
around plenty, but doesn't get as excited as Cowgirl.

One night we hear scampering and we look in the bath room.
Low and behold, there's Princess spinning around and around
chasing her tail. Cowgirl is just sitting there watching
like, what is that cat doing?! The funny part is that this
scene is usually the opposite!!!!!


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