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Here's some Ideas

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Cats off Counters

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How to Keep your Cat off Tables and Counters
By: Alfred

One of the first and most obvious ways to keep your cat off
of your tables and counters is by not leaving food up there
for your cat to want and try to get. A cat is designed to
take advantage of every food opportunity and it will do as
it pleases more often than not. This is especially true if
your cat loves to climb or if you leave tuna fish on the
counter and so tempt your cat.

In order to curb your cats' climbing and jumping up on
counter tops and tables you will have to first understand
why they are doing it. Do you leave food on the counter that
your cats are always trying to get? If so, make a habit of
putting the food away when you are done with it.

Do you have plants on your table or countertop? If so,
hopefully you have checked to make sure that they are
nontoxic for cats. Check your plant for tooth marks and get
some "cat grass" to satisfy your cats' nutritional need for
veggies. They have a lot of cat grass and if you keep it by
their food they will most likely eat it instead of the
plants on your table and countertop. Make an effort to be
sure that the plants that are inside your house are non-
toxic to cats or this can be a great deal more serious.

Is your cat doing it simply because it wants to explore and
climb? Some cats just love to climb. If this is true of your
cat, then getting a cat tree would be your best option for
trying to curtail the countertop excursions. Rub the cat
tree with some catnip and your cat will probably just go
crazy over it.

Whatever the reason your cat is climbing, be sure that you
leave nothing toxic on those countertops or tables for your
kitty to step in or eat. This is very dangerous, sprays and
polishes can easily poison your cat since cats regularly
uses their paws to lick and clean themselves. Even fairly
nontoxic items can make them very sick.

Cats will do as they please unless they are taught
differently. You might try getting a toy water squirt gun
and filling it with water and then every time your cat jumps
on the table or countertop squirt it with the water from out
of the cat's eyesight. This way the cat will begin to
associate the table top and counter top with something it
dislikes. Or get some of our Cat Training Aids.

If none of these methods work, you will have to either
resign yourself or get a new cat. A cat will only do as they
please, so you will have to find a way to make the cat want
to do the behavior you choose for it. It's great if you can
find a better solution for yourself and your cat, but this
doesn't always work. Be prepared to put up with your cat
jumping up on your surfaces. Never shout or punish your cat,
it won't understand you and will eventually grow to dislike
you or be frightened of you, and will still not stop the
action you are displeased about.


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