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My cay Spanky is a beautiful Taupe color striped male Tabby
with green eyes. He is very smart and let's me know when
something is needed.

I say he talks to me. He is spoiled but, well behaved.

Spanky is so smart that he knows the sound of both my truck
and my husbands truck. He doesn't like my husband so when he
hears that truck he heads to the basement. And if its mine
he greets me at the door.

Spanky is one of the best pets I've had since our German
Shepherd. He makes me laugh at all the crazy things he does.
I know a few people that think cats are stupid, obviously
they haven't spent much time with Spanky.

Dianna Dahn

Henri my Cat is so Smart

My husband and I have a long hair domestic grey and white
male cat. His name is Henri and he is 11 years old. Our
Grandson Tim gave him to us 10 years ago.

Henri is a cat like no other cat we have ever known. He
enjoys people and will sit on the laps of any one who may
come to visit and will allow him to do so.

He has never scratched any of our furniture and he has not
been declawed. We had a scratching post for him when he
arrived and we introduced him to it. When we brag on him, he
immediately goes to his post. We have had to replace the
carpet on the post many times since he came to live with us.

Recently he has shown us how smart he really is. We are
Indiana University Fans (both football and basketball). We
purchased a small rug with the IU logo on the front and when
one steps on it, it will play the IU college song. Henri has
learned how to do this and when we ask him to make music he
steps on the rug. He does enjoy the music.

My husband and I have been married 63 years and we are in our
80's. Henri is dear to us and we are happy he is with us.

Thank you for reading about our Henri Cat.
Nick & Pauline Demas

My Friend Sidney.

My friend Sidney is now 18 1/2 years and he is now having
trouble getting around. He falls occasionally and I can see
he hurts as he is trying to lay down.

Sidney came to us in 1989. He was on his way to the pound
when my wife's daughter brought him by to see if we would
take him. He was beautiful blue point. We thought he was a
blue point Siamese. Some years later My wife Karen got a
book of cat breeds and there was a picture of Sidney, a
Tonkinese. When he was at his prime he weighted 26 pounds.
I've seen him knock a kitten clear across the kitchen. He
never has liked cat children.

In 1990 I had an asthma attack and very nearly died. I spent
several days in the hospital and when I came home I had no
strength left. I was weak as a kitten (Ha Ha). Sidney knew
something was wrong and very seldom did he leave my side. A
lot of the time he would lay so that he was touching me.

I am now disabled. The asthma attack took all my strength.
So now it's my turn to take care of Sidney. We took in a
kitten named Candy, this summer. She loves Sidney. She
sleeps right next to him a lot of the time. They sleep next
to our living room window. She tore off enough of the slats
so that they can see out. And I know that if we get a new
blind she will do the same thing again.

That's my story and Sidney has been a very good friend.

Stan Whelchel

Ruth Gonyer

One morning two years ago I got up at 4:45am for some
reason. My dog Ephany was rummaging in the pantry whining. I
went in and pulled her away from the wall to see a tiny
fuzzy head popping in from the outdoor shed.

I reached down and pulled the little creature into my hand,
it was a newborn kitten. Her eyes were still closed her ears
flopped shut and she cried a heart-renchingly high pitched
cry. The only thing that came to mind was aw you poor little
angel. So that's what I called her.

We had a stray Mother cat around the neighborhood I had raised
her kittens before. This one was so tiny. I hand fed her for
10 days before her eyes opened. She didn't seem to gain
weight the way she should and at 7 weeks she could not lap
from a dish, I had gotten a good look at her litter mates
and they were almost three times her size.

At 9 1/2 weeks she finally started to drink from a saucer,
then to eat soft cat food. Today she's a healthy though
slightly small 2 yr old cat. She's a calico very pretty, but
angel doesn't quite fit. I love her all the same and I'm
glad I took the time to keep forcing her to eat and hang on.


Meow, Meow, Meow.....
By: Alfred

You all know I'm one good kitty and I absolutely love to be brushed!....
Every day!

And because I'm such a good kitty and do so many really useful things around guard the farm from rodent infestations, keep un-wanted mice out of the house, hide all my toys so Dave has to constantly buy me more, and make sure that big dog, Tippy, doesn't get out of line.

I'm sure your feline friend is doing the same things at your house, so obviously, they deserve the Absolute best food and treats too.

Here's my web site, and I want you to go there and get something really, really special for your kitty today:

Alfred's Savory Feline Dining Experience

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