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Celestial Eye Goldfish

- the Fancy Goldfish

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Celestial Eye Goldfish

Celestial Goldfish (Carassius Auratus) is a fancy goldfish
variety that first appeared in the 18th century. At the time it
was kept as an 'exotic species' in fish bowls. They are the
result of 600 years of selectively breeding goldfish, and do not
grow to the usual size of fancy varieties.

When the fry hatch they have normal eyes but over a matter of
time these become bigger and then upturn. From above it appears
as if they are looking up at you.
Because of their limited eyesight they do not compete well with food
so are best kept with their own kind or bubble eyes who also
have the same problem.

Picture Celestial Eye Goldfish

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When buying tank decor, take their delicate eyes into consideration.
Ideally the tank should have a layer of gravel with some fine plants
(not plastic and no plastic figurines) and ideally there should be no
internal filter as this can damage their eye tissue.

Although much hardier than most tropical species they are very delicate
goldfish. You must also ensure that the temperature doesn't drop below
55 degrees Fahrenheit for long periods as they will not tolerate it.
If this is considered however, they can live very long lives.

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