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Christmas Presents

for Cats


Christmas Presents for your Cat
By: Tippy & Alfred

Christmas is the time of year to give gifts to your family
and friends. This includes your beloved pet and faithful
companion, your cat. So what do you get your favorite furry
friend for Christmas? Here are some suggestions for gifts to
get your feline.

There are many accessories that you can get your kitty
friend for Christmas, for instance a flashy new cat collar or a
nice new outfit for Christmas. Just think how cure your
kitty will be sporting a Santa outfit or dressed up as an

You could also get your cat a new kitty bed or a climbing
scratching post for lounging on or playing. There are many
different versions of cat beds and climbing activity
scratching posts (also called activity centers) for cats.

Getting you kitty its favorite treat for Christmas is always
a good way to go. That way you can give it its special cat treat
and it can tell you how purr fect you are for thinking of

Cats love fresh moving water to drink so you might get your
special kitty its own water fountain. There are many
versions of these so you can shop around for a good price.

There are also many different toys that you can get your pet
cat. They squeak, they move, they jump, they run; they also
come in catnip flavor. You can pick and choose based on what
you know your cat likes.

But most of all keep in mind that you cat loves you. So
spending as much time as you can with them during the
holidays just holding and loving on them is the best gift
that you can give a pet. The holidays are not only about
gift giving, they are about sharing your time with others.
So set aside some time for your pet and include them in your
holiday, they will thank you and reward you for it.

Here's what's on a Cat's Favorite Christmas Card.

O Christmas Tree, O Christmas Tree;
Your Ornaments ..... Are History!

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