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Puppies Given as Presents for the Christmas Season
By: Tippy & Alfred

Dogs, puppies in particular, have become popular Christmas
icons, because puppies are a popular gift. They are now
often depicted in Holiday decorations, clothing, statuary,
toys, movies and books.

You can often see pictures of puppies with big bows around
their necks displayed as window art. They are also drawn on
Christmas ornaments or made into little statues that are
hung on Christmas trees. Paintings of puppies frolicking in
front of the Christmas tree are also popular.

Nowadays if you are a dog lover you can buy t-shirts and
dog sweaters depicting puppies with big bows or Santa hats for
Christmas. Some clothing even has cute little sayings about
Christmas and puppies and declaring "Happy Holidays".

Puppy figurines are often bought as gifts for dog lovers or
as decorations for the house. You can see figures of puppies
with Santa hats, elf hats, big bows or popping out of a gift

Stuffed dog and puppy toys are often bought as gifts for
Christmas much like the popular teddy bear. This makes a
great alternative to an actual puppy for Christmas for
children who want a puppy but are still too young for one.

"The Poky Little Puppy's First Christmas" movie was made in
1992 and was released straight to video. The movie was based
on the popular children's book "The Poky Little Puppy's
First Christmas" by Little Golden Books.

You could even dress your dog up as a helpful elf or jolly
Santa Claus with the new lines of pet clothing that are

Because of their popularity as pets puppies have become a
popular Christmas image that is both used for decoration and
given as gifts. So if you are a dog owner and want to
incorporate your pooch into Christmas, there are plenty of
ways to display your affection for your dog.

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