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Clifford the Big Red Dog

Clifford the Big Red Dog is a book series for children
that came out in 1963. The books were written by Norman
Bridwell. These stories focus on values for children and
teach friendship, morality and love. This series helped
launch Scholastic books into what it is today, a premier
children's publishing company.

The stories focus on Clifford the Big Red Dog, who
ironically was the runt of the litter. He was adopted by
Emily Elizabeth who loved him into growing and because of
the tremendous growth spurt that Clifford undertook the
family had to relocate from the city to Birdwell Island,
which is where they reside in most of the books.

As Clifford's name suggests, he is big, over twenty-five
feet tall, and red. His appearance is based on the giant
Vizsla which is a breed originally from Hungary. They are
all-round Pointer-Retriever sporting dogs that are noted for
their intelligence, affection and companionability.

Clifford's size, although stated as being over twenty-five
feet tall, is inconsistent as he often appears smaller or
larger than twenty-five feet depending on the needs of the

Some of Clifford's companions are Cleo, a female poodle, T-
Bone, a male bulldog, Machiavelli "Mac," a greyhound, Mimi,
a female spaniel, Hamburger, T-bones old friend that left
the island before Clifford moved there, and K.C., a three
legged dog that is a service dog.

Aside from Emily Elizabeth, who is Clifford's owner, there
are several more human children that appear regularly in the
stories, including Charley, Jetta, Vaz, Dan and Mary. There
are also a number of adults who appear in Clifford's

"Clifford the Big Red Dog" is currently running as an
animated series in the PBS Kids programming. The show is a
great success and many children watch the show regularly. It
is one of those cartoons that are entertaining for the whole
family to watch and teaches children valuable moral and
social lessons.

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