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Full of Muscles

Vizsla Dogs

the Athletes

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We Advocate this Diet for a Vizsla Dog
By: Dr. Jane Bicks

The Vizsla, a sleek, well muscled, floppy eared dog
must have a high quality alternative food and daily

The exercise helps build muscle and, equally important,
will burn up some of that energy this dog seems to
have an endless supply of.

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Treats for Vizsla Dogs with a Delicious Taste

Vizsla Dog

Caring for Your Vizsla Dog

The Vizsla is a medium-sized dog that is built somewhat like
a Weimaraner, with the same athletic, muscular build, but
Vizslas are somewhat smaller than Weimaraners. A healthy
Vizsla should look like an athlete.

Hungarian Vizslas have beautiful, sleek, very short coats of
golden-red to rust color that are fairly easy to care for.
The coat needs only a gentle brushing a couple of times a
week to keep the natural oils conditioning the fur and an
occasional wipe down with a cloth to remove debris and loose
hairs. If needed, dry shampoo will make the coat shiny

A Vizsla has no undercoat. That plus the shortness of the
outer coat means that a Vizsla should not be left outdoors
in a kennel or yard in cold weather as it also has little
natural insulation in the form of fat. But the lack of an
undercoat does mean little hair shedding for you to clean
up, and the breed may be a good one for people with

Beyond that your Hungarian Vizsla should only need the
normal things that all dogs need such as good nutritional
food, plenty of clean water at all times, dental care to
prevent decay and gum disease, its nails clipped, and a bath
as required.

These dogs must have adequate (And for a Vizsla, adequate
means bountiful!) exercise or they will become obese,
hyperactive or depressed, obsessive, destructive, and
possibly even aggressive. You will need to take your Vizsla
on long, brisk walks, jogs or runs every day. Time off leash
in a safe area like a dog park, where the dog can run, is

Vizslas also love water, they were bred to be water
retrievers, so if you have a place to swim with your Vizsla
or to allow it to fetch from the water that is a great way
to provide exercise for the dog. Be sure to provide safe
chew toys, Vizslas also love to chew.

On average, Vizslas live from twelve to fifteen years. They
are generally healthy dogs, but are vulnerable to Hip
and other common dog disorders. Be sure to get OFA
and CERF certificates from the breeder before you buy your
Vizsla puppy.

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