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Lifelike Dachshund

Dog Figurines

Incredible Dachshund Figurines Have Plenty of Doxie Moxie!

The Dachshund was developed in Germany for hunting its
namesake the Badger, Dachs is German for Badger and hund
simply means dog.

The breed has been a favorite of both royalty, Queen
Victoria for example, and artists, (from Michelangelo to
Warhol), for hundreds of years. Consequently happy little
Dachshunds have appeared in many paintings and other artwork
throughout the centuries.

Following that tradition are our charming Dachshund
figurines and other celebrations of all things Doxie! These
creative and beautiful little Dachshunds are a gift that
will thrill any lover of Dachshunds or collector of
figurines, and yet they are not expensive to purchase.

Proudly display an adorable long-haired Dachshund figurine
or a playful Dachshund puppy on your figurine shelf, your
desk at work, your car's dashboard, or smiling down at you
from the top of your computer monitor and you'll have to
smile every time you look at it!

Show the world that you too are a fan of the brave and
loving Dachshund by choosing your favorite Dachshund
figurine from our secure and easy online store right now!
And while you're there, be sure to look at all the other
great figurines, accessories, and many other kinds of gifts
displaying your favorite dog breeds in full, living,
artistic color.

Simply the Perfect Gift Idea for any Dog Lover!

Get Your Dachshund Dog Figurine Here

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