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Peppy Pets
Dec. 06, 04

Kira my New German Shepherd mix Puppy

July 22, 2002 my beloved friend of 13 years, Princess
Cleopatra passed away in my arms. She had been a huge part
of my life and quite naturally losing her was devastating.
At first I could not even fathom having another dog - I have
two male cats already, M'ijo and Morris Tom. After 3 months
I longed for the love and affection of a new puppy (don't get
me wrong, I love the boys but they aren't always the most
people-friendly creatures in the world).

I went to our local animal shelter looking for one
particular dog I had seen on the website but, as the
adoption manager told me, those dogs are rarely, if ever,
still there. It's just a way to get people to come in. In
the very last row of cages was this skinny, terrified,
German Shepherd mix. Her card said she was 1 yr old.

The first time I walked past her cage, she wouldn't even
come to greet me. Something kept pulling me back to her and
the third time I just stood there quietly. She came up and I
put my hand right up to the grate. Her tail wagged once and
tentatively licked my hand. When we picked her up, Kira was
only in the car 5 minutes before she laid down on the new
blanket we bought for her and went right to sleep.

In the house she immediately tried to tell the boys who's
boss. Thankfully they realized she's only a baby and didn't
react too harshly. Two months later, she has doubled in
size, almost, and chews everything in sight, which tells me
she isn't a year yet. When we go to the park and play with
all of her friends( Kira has all the dogs in the playgroup
loving her) everyone we see tells me, "You can really see
how much she loves her Mommy!" What I have never told them
but think each time is: "Do you know how much Mommy loves

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Worf Francis Hamilton
Cindy Hamilton

My dog's name is Worf. Well Worf Francis Hamilton. See I
lived in a bad area and when I bought my own house, I
promised my daughter a dog. There was a girl I knew who had
a cute puppy. I asked her to get me one. When I moved she
gave me hers because she said that she could not keep her. I
made a deal with my sister. If the dog's ears were pointy
and up we would name it Spock, if the ears were droopy,
Worf. (we're Treckers).

Well Worf was abused, had worms, and broken ribs when we got
her, but we loved her and doctored her. After 2 months, I
was in a car accident with my brother in law and my dog.
She let the fireman in the back seat but wouldn't let them
take me away. She sat in the front seat and growled,
protecting me.

That was 7 years ago. We trained her to protect children
and the house. She can be intimidating. The weirdest point
is when we got cats, she thought that she was their mother.
She even tried to nurse them.

Today she is still with us. Every new pet we get she tries
to be its mom. We just found out she has heartworm is
going to die. We love her very much.

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Twas The Night Before Dog-mas

By Claudine Gandolti

And a very Merry Dog - Mas to you and your pets,

Read the delightful story of
Twas the Night before Dog Mas as written by Claudine Gandolti

Go to: Wonder

Well, I am happy to say I think Pets come back as
Guardian Angels only because I had to put my Poodle
named Babe to sleep after 20 years of devotion to my
family. My Poodle was a Miniature Apricot Poodle
that had eyes that would melt your heart.

My girls grew up with her and so did my grandchildren. Last
may 10th was hard when I had to make the decision to put her
to sleep after we found out she had heart failure and kidney
failure. She woke me up in the middle of the night gasping
and coughing and I knew she was so miserable. We were out of
town and I had to take her to my moms vet, he said she has
lived a long life but was in so much pain and I had to tell
my granddaughter that we had to let Jesus have her. 

Well on June 7th I found a black poodle for sale and went to
see it. She was shy and had never taken up with anyone and
was 10 months old, when I walked in I accidentally called
her Babe and she came running to me and her tail was wagging
like crazy. I knew then that she was the one that had been
sent back here to be my granddaughter's guardian angel and
she made the same noises that babe made when my
granddaughter would love on her. 

My granddaughter cannot go to bed at night without her to
protect her and everywhere she goes it goes whether it be to
bed or to potty that dog is always with her to protect her
and god forbid I hope no one tries to get near my
grandchildren if they are sleeping cause they will know she
is their guardian angel and watching over them and she only
weighs 4 pounds but has a nasty bark and may just be our
babe dog come back to watch over my grandchildren.


The Problems We've Had

We've had a difficult time these past few months with
our mailing software hitting a glitch and being unable to
be restored. So we had to spend considerable time, effort
and money to find a suitable software that would mail
to the large amount of subscribers we have.

Plus we had to move and sort the over 225,000 reader
email addresses to the new software. It's been a huge
task trying to get the Peppy Pets Daily back. Hopefully
we've got all our mailing problems solved.

Woofs and Purrs
Tippy & Alfred


I think my 2 yr old tabby would say, "What's going on mom?"
I am presently in the process of moving. My poor kitty is so
confused with the boxes all over. All Twinky does is look at
the boxes, look at me, and cries. What's a mom to do?

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