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Dec. 20, 04

Santa Claus and his animals at the North Pole

Do you know the name of Santa's Cat? Or how Rudolph came
to us, or the story of Olive the Other Reindeer?

Did you know that we have a mini web site devoted entirely
to Santa and the Christmas Holiday. We made that site as a
tribute to Jolly Old Saint Nick....(for all the toys he brought
us when we were kids.....)

This is a really neat place to have your family spend some time,
and it was made especially with the kids in mind. No blatant
advertising or pop ups, just good clean family fun.

Find out everything you ever wanted to know about Santa,
Mrs. Claus, the reindeer, elves and a whole bunch more,
and have the kids send in an email to the North Pole.

A Tribute To Santa


My husband and I have a ritual with our 3-year-old
German Shepherd Dog, Sheba, every night before bed. Sheba
comes to my side of the bed and waits for me to say, "Good night to
our Sheba, she's sweet and beautiful and strong and brave
and we love her." Then she goes around to David's side and
he repeats the saying. She will then immediately jump up on
the foot of the bed and lay down to sleep. 

Kathy Jones


Hi, My husband & I adopted a ten year old orange tabby 8
year's ago from our local humane society. Her name was
Purr but I renamed her Ginger, she just turned eighteen
yesterday on what would have been my husband's 65th
birthday. She was mostly my cat, never would sit on my
husband's lap or let him hold her, and yes, I did tell her
I loved her.

My husband was diagnosed with kidney cancer five year's
ago & just passed away on Mother's day of this year. During
the last couple of month's before he died, Ginger would
sleep on his lap whenever he took a nap in his recliner &
when Hospice brought in a hospital bed for him, she stayed
on the bed with him for the last three week's of his life . It
was as if she knew his time was coming and she was his
Guardian Angel. Now I tell her even more often how much I
love her and also thank her for being there for him And
being here for me now.

Hope this isn't too wordy but the last part was a very
important reason for loving her even more.
Enjoy your news letter's very much & look forward to
getting them.

Jo Muchow



Do you know why Alfred is such a Healthy, Happy Kitty?

Find Out about Alfred


Frisco is our dog and is almost 11 yrs. old. We have had him
since he was 6 wks. old and we always hug him a lot and tell
him we love him. Our cats are black ones and Jimmy is a long
haired Mitten Paw with Green eyes and he is very jealous.
Queen Josephine is small and short haired with deep yellow
eyes, she is a little doll.

She was rescued from the deep woods by my husband and was so
pitiful, half starved and takes antibiotic because she has
a condition which the vet cannot diagnose. Her mouth gets
sore and she cannot chew, after a round of shots and
antibiotic by mouth she is o.k. for about 3 to 4 months and
then we go the round again. She wears a red collar and when
she has the collar on she really struts when she walks. 

Jimmy thinks he is to manly for a collar and always takes
his off. He is very jealous of The Queen and bites her if he
can get close, but now, whenever we are away and come home
they come out to see us together and when they sleep they
are about 3 ft. apart. She always seems a bit wary of him
though as if waiting for the jealousy to come out! 

We hug them both and tell them we love them. Frisco tells us
when it is going to rain or storm because he is an outside
dog and senses the weather changes , he knows that when it
is stormy, very hot or cold that he can stay in the
basement. Our cats are inside-outside cats as they choose. We
raised 5 children and these three are now OUR KIDS! Hope I
didn't talk too long. 

Tod and Joan Gottke


My 8 year old cat Sweet One loves to jump up on my lap. He
then stands up, wraps his paws around my neck and licks my
face. I tell him that I can't help but love him because he's
such a loving kitty. Sweet One is a white cat with tabby

He was a stray that came to my back door one summer night.
He was skinny, filthy, flea and worm infested, with several
abscesses on his hindquarters. After I took him to the vet
he he was healthy and clean within days. He also loves to
sleep with me curled up under my arm or under the covers
during the winter.

When he first came he was so rambunctious at night that I
couldn't sleep. The one and only night I shut him out of my
bedroom-he whimpered all night and tried to dig under the
door. The door had a gap on the bottom, when I woke up after
several hours to let him in I saw that he had pushed several
of his toys through the gap. He even chewed the elastic of
his hanging mouse and pushed that under the door. I never
shut him out again. 

Liz Marciciak

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