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Discover the awful truth

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Pet Food


Peppy Pets

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What Ingredients Are Really In Your Pet's Food?

Did you know some pet foods actually contain sawdust, chicken beaks,
euthanized pets, and proven cancer causing agents?

Where does your dog or cat food rate? This is a gross
topic with gross injustices. It is one you need to read.

Many claim crude by-products as a source of protein on
the label of their foods. Let us give you an example; while
it is a true statement shoe leather is a source of protein,
neither you nor your pet would actually derive any
nutritional benefit from eating shoes. The reason is, the
protein is not "biologically available."

Said another way, you or your pet's system cannot
extract any measurable amount of protein from that source.

Tippy & Alfred know that this is the most important information
you can ever receive for your pet's health. Our pets are
what we feed them.

Degenerative type diseases, skin and coat problems, allergies,
and many other ailments including accelerated aging are
becoming more and more of a problem with pets these days.

We hate to see that.

But Tippy & Alfred and the rest of the help-purrs are living
proof that problems such as mentioned above don't have
to occur nearly as frequently, or even at all.

Tippy, Alfred, and the rest of the kitties have not made
one single visit to the vets for health related problems since
Dave started giving them the Life's Abundance Daily
Nutritional System.

And they all have beautiful shiny coats, have a lot more
energy than they did, hardly ever scratch anymore, have
no digestive upsets, no allergies, and even the flea problem
they once had is now gone!

Read our free reports on:

Why thee are Millions of Sick Pets

Euthanized Pets found in Pet Foods

This veterinarian warns a pet owner her deceased pet may be
ground up for pet food.

Hello, I wanted you to know that we had to put one of our
two cats to sleep the other day.

Our vet wanted us to know that at their clinic they don't
give them to science or to be ground up for food. The vet
gave me a pamphlet about Pets at Peace crematory. I took it
and U-cat home (live so we could have the evening to say
goodbye to her) and we decided to do that after we put her
to sleep. She had cancer, her liver and kidney's were in
failure, too. We now have her ashes in a pretty wooden urn
with her name and dates on it and it came inside a red
velvet bag with certificates of cremation. Hope this is a
helpful alternative.
Jan Keller


Most pets have the genetic potential to live to be 25
to 30 years of age!

Sadly, many die at 13 to 14 years.....

To learn more about how our approved Daily Nutritional System
can help your pet:

Click here if you are a dog or cat owner
Dog & Cat Nutritional Systems

"I believe our Daily Nutritional System is the best way
to make sure your pet is getting all he or she needs for a
long and healthy life."
Dr. Jane Bicks

What others are saying:

"Life's Abundance Premium Health Food has increased the
vitality of all my dogs, added shine to their coats and
decreased the amount of shedding."
Pam Edwards, DVM


"My dog, Chichi, is now eating Life's Abundance food and
Loving It! My husband and I noticed a Dramatic Change!!
Not only is her coat soft and shiny, but her eyes are
brighter and she has more spunk than ever. I should have
put her on this dog food from the start. Thank you for
your wonderful products. I'm hooked!"
M.H., Texas


"We had a couple of month's backlog of the dog food,
as Falcor quit eating as much once he was finished growing.
So I cancelled the auto ship for a while."

"When he finished the Life's Abundance food, Tom
decided to see how he would do on store-bought until
I had time to set up the auto ship again."

"So, for a month Falcor ate grocery-store dog food."

"I figured it would prove the value of the food to Tom.
Boy was I right! Within two weeks, Falcor's coat got dull,
and he began having bouts of diarrhea. And he was
shedding madly."

"So...the coat problem could have been just from being
at a shedding point, right? Diarrhea could have been from the
new bones Tom gave him."

"But...after 3 weeks, we noticed that he was scratching all
the time, and had chewed the hair off under his front legs. His
shedding increased, and his breath began to stink."

"Needless to say, he's back on the Life's Abundance
Daily Nutritional System, and all the above problems are
beginning to go away. I hate to remember the beloved dog
I had years back who continually suffered from "flea allergy"
that no doubt was actually malnutrition. I had no idea."

Diana Ward,
Editor, Dogs, Cats, & More E-zine


Save Up to 20% OFF

Don't you think it's time you at least gave the
Life's Abundance Daily System an honest try and see
for yourself the difference in your pets?

Discover more about our Wonderful Pet Food Here


Until next time, keep those tails waggin,.....and Thank You
for being such a caring pet owner and only wanting the very
best for your precious furry friends.

Pets are our life.

Your furry & Healthy friends on the net,
Tippy, Alfred, and the Help-purrs....


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