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Peppy Pets
Dec. 30, 02

Mom to the Three Dog Night Plus Two

Mattie is an 8 year old pure-bred female Dalmatian who was
dumped in a local State Park (northern CA) at the young
age of 6 to 9 months. She had to eat "campers' garbage",
newts, lizards & anything else she could find in order to
survive. After 3 months of foraging & "hiding from the mean,
scary humans", my husband, a State Park employee, decided to
try to catch her. Mattie apparently recognized a "soft
touch" & went right to him. After a good meal, we took her
to the Vet for a full exam and learned that her months of
foraging & "hard living" had slightly damaged her heart,
filled her "scruffy dull coat" with fleas & ticks & not
surprisingly, resulted in SEVERE malnutrition. 

Today Mattie has a good home with us, NO fleas or ticks & a
soft, shining, "petable" white/black-spotted coat, bed
privileges (OF COURSE!!), abundant food & treats, lots of
toys, frequent "bye-bye rides" and LOTS of petting & belly-
rubs. Mattie STILL has "food-issues" & will eat ANY &
EVERYTHING she can find; she's definitely over-weight
although I give her "diet dog foods". Mattie also tends to
be a couch (or bed) "potato"; exercising only when we
initiate a ball game or take her & our other "kids" (all Dal
rescues) to the river, beach or a lake. Mattie LOVES water
and will "dive" underwater looking for "special" rocks which
she proudly "presents" to us humans. 

Mattie has become our "teacher-dog", welcoming & "training"
the other abused, confused & neglected Dals that we have
rescued over the years (now up to four, including a deaf-
dog, and another one is on the way next week; all are
males). I believe that if Mattie were able to speak "human",
she would be telling the "new arrivals" that they are
welcome to share this good doggie-haven, but that SHE is
(and will ALWAYS be) the "Top-dog"; she has already
"trained" us humans & doesn't want any changes!! Mattie is
"quite a Queen" & we ALL adore her, even the "macho" male
Dals defer to her. We all enjoy your newsletters & look
forward to new & interesting suggestions for doggie-fun;
keep up the GREAT work! 

Thanks, "Magic Jeanne" ("Mom to the "Three Dog Night Plus Two"!!)


My name is Tigger. Well, actually my name is Charles but my
not so bright owners call me Tigger. I am a Maine Coon Cat
which of course means that I am much more intelligent the
average cat, but we know that. I would just like to take
this opportunity to remind all you humans that cats are the
true messiahs of this world and everything would be so much
easier if you would understand this and worship us with
offerings of more food, dry and wet, treats, toys and by
outlawing vets everywhere.

Thank you,


Most of the cats I have now, are foster pets, but I believe
they aren't going anywhere but here, and know it. Most were
found as kittens, or with kittens, outside. The mama cat,
Marmalade, has no desire to go outside. Since she thinks
every kitten is her responsibility, she will go out and nag
them back in the house. 

She talks often. Mostly, I believe, she wants to know where
the kittens are. Sometimes, though, I think we are having a
conversation about her having a home, and being indoors. 

The kittens like to get my attention by sharpening their
claws on my jeans. I don't know for sure if they are saying,
hey, I'm hungry, or thanks for petting me, and I love you.
Hopefully, the latter.

Jan, the Alleycat

I would like to share my story of Travis, a precious Shih Tzu.

My oldest sister saved him from being put to sleep by
taking him from his former owner. He was such a good boy and
good companion to her. She had recently been widowed and
needed something. Travis filled the order.

He was such a sweet and cute little guy, sitting around
with the tip of his tongue stuck out all the time. Within a
year after getting him, my sister passed away and I took
him. He gave us many hours of happiness and pleasure. He
was getting quite old and overweight but he was a spunky
little guy. Travis died on November 3, 2005 as a result to

He is still with us, in our hearts and thoughts and also in
his little urn on top of our entertainment center. We miss
Travis very much. There is a poem called Rainbow Bridge
that is very comforting when you have lost a little furry
loved one. Please find it and read it. I believe there is
an animal heaven and Travis is up there with his tongue
stuck out waiting on the rest of us.

God Bless each of you Ginger Aselstine

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