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The Truth on Different Dog Breeds Part 3
Anthony Johnson

Hello Friend, 

Let's pick up where we left off in our last issue. I
received many E-mails from dog owners asking about specific
breeds. I want to talk about dogs from the Northern Breeds. 

These are Akitas, Huskies, Malamutes, Shiba Inus, Samoyeds,
Jindos, American Eskimos, etc. 

Unless you were one of the lucky ones and got your hand on a
good dog from this group, I would advise you to stay away
from this breed. Now, please don't get me wrong. I know many
of you already own dogs from this group. I will also help
you with this type of dog, but it won't be easy. 

These dogs all have many things in common. I'll highlight a
major one, which runs as a strong trait with this group of
dogs. These dogs are very stubborn and extremely difficult
to train. 

I have found that this group of dogs are very popular
because of their beauty. It is usually one of the main
reasons a person might select them as a pet. What they find
out later is that they can be pretty difficult. 

Aggression is another trait known within this group of dogs.
I know of many cases where an owner has been bitten by their

These dogs don't really have the temperament to do police
type work. They are not reliable for personal protection,

I know you may own a dog from this group and some of the
things I said may hit home. Some of it may also get you a
little angry. I'm not making up this information. As
beautiful as these dogs are, they are still a handful.

Selecting a dog for the wrong reasons is problematic. You
have to research the breed of dog you're considering. The
goal is to determine whether this dog fits your own

I own Rottweilers because they fit my personality. I am a
very strong willed person. I suppose you have to be in order
to deal with the many different breeds.

To own a dog from the above group you have to have a pretty
strong character. Your dog must know who's in charge. 

My system has been successful with this breed only because I
teach dog training from your dog's point of view. Each and
every day you must do something that stresses to your dog
that you are still in charge.

In the Dogskills online dog training center, you'll learn
how to do this. The center isn't ready as of yet. It's a
full blown program that will teach you how to train your dog
and have the same success I have had. 

You'll receive more information on this program in the
coming issues. I promise you'll love it. 

Again my friend, if you do have a dog from this breed, are
you having problems? Don't worry; I will help you.

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Anthony has lived in St. Louis, Missouri, where
he worked with Tom Rose, an international Schutzhund
competitor and author of Training the Competitive
Working Dog and Dogs That Love and Protect. In
addition, he has trained dogs for the Dog House,
Inc., a kennel and training facility also in Missouri.

Copyright 2004 by Tony Johnson
All Rights Reserved, Reprinted with Permission

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