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Friendly to everyone,

the Samoyed makes

a great family Dog

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Samoyed - The Friendly Sled Dog
By: Tippy

The Samoyed is a very devoted, easy-going, friendly, gentle,
playful dog that loves everyone. They are friendly to
everyone, even intruders, so they do not make good guard
dogs or watchdogs. They will usually bark to let you know
when there is the presence of a stranger, however. They get
along well with children and have no problem becoming a part
of a family.

The Samoyed is very intelligent and needs firm, patient
training from the time they are young. Make sure that you
remain consistent with this breed; otherwise potential
behavioral problems like obsessive barking may arise. These
dogs were bred to be sled dogs and work great in teams. When
this breed has a strong leader and is given enough exercise
it makes excellent family dogs, good natured, lively and

The Samoyed doesn't seek trouble, but can defend itself when
needed. They have been known to chew, so be sure to provide
plenty of chew toys to keep them occupied. These dogs
shouldn't be left alone for long stretches or they can
become destructive. Do not trust the Samoyed around non-
canine animals, although many Samoyeds have been known to
get along with the family cat.

The male dog stands at twenty-one to twenty-three and a half
inches in height and weighs between forty-five and sixty-
five pounds. The female dog can reach nineteen to twenty-one
inches in height and weigh between thirty-five and fifty
pounds. They live twelve to fifteen years on average.

The Samoyed is susceptible to Diabetes, Canine Hip Dysplasia, PRA
and skin allergies. PRA mainly occurs in male dogs. The
Samoyed needs reasonable amounts of exercise including a
daily walk or jog to take care of its physical and
psychological needs. During warm weather be sure to take it
easy as the woolly undercoat of the Samoyed stops heat loss
and the dog can become overheated.

When given a sufficient amount of exercise the Samoyed can
live comfortable in an apartment setting. But these dogs are
very active indoors and do best with a small yard to play
around in. These dogs do not do well in very hot climates
because of their heavy coat.

The Samoyed needs extensive grooming and they are seasonal
heavy shedders. Spinners have been known to use Samoyed hair
to make yarn. The fluffy double coat of the Samoyed needs
frequent brushing, but happily the coat tends to stay white
even without bathing.


Try Following these Recommendations for Health Care for
Samoyed Dogs

Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Samoyed is a white fluffy, sturdy, affectionate
breed that needs an owner who likes to brush

A high quality protein and fat diet with the
addition of vegetable enzymes should keep the coat healthy.

Samoyeds will Love the Scrumptious Taste of this Dog Food

The Samoyed is a picky eater, so leaving food down
all day may be the best way to keep them calm
and their tummies full.

Wholesome Nutritious Treats for Samoyed Dogs

Brewer's yeast and garlic are great treat choices.
To stimulate the appetite, try Pet Tinic.

Absolutely Cute Stuffed Samoyed Dogs

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