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Some implications of

what happens when your

Dog is Home Alone

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Leaving your Dog at Home with no one there
By: Tippy

Leaving your dog home alone for more than a day isn't a good
idea. There are plenty of dog hotels, kennels and dog
boarders you can contact to prevent leaving your dog all
alone. It doesn't matter how patient your dog is, no dog
likes to be left home all alone. They are social creatures
that live in pack structures.

Leaving your dog alone equates to your saying to it that you
don't want it as a part of your family any more. It's no
wonder that when you leave for long periods Fido decides to
tear up your things and leave smelly gifts on your carpet,
his heart is broken.

Such behavior is essentially saying "Why did you leave me
all alone?" It is trying to relieve its anxiety or get your
attention. It is not throwing a temper tantrum and this
behavior can't be corrected with bad behavior from you.

Some people crate their dogs when they must be left alone,
and if your dog is crate trained this may be more
acceptable. Otherwise you should get a dog sitter or someone
who can stay and look after your dog. Or your dog can stay
over at someone else's house.

Some people chain their dogs outside or leave them in the
fenced backyard. This isn't a good idea, as besides the
emotional damage of separation anxiety, your dog can injure
itself or injure someone else.

If you have a dog run or kennel in your backyard then
keeping your dog outside for periods while you are at work
may alleviate some of the destruction that may occur while
you are away. But most dogs do not like being neglected like

You can train your dog to stay home alone. But it takes time
and patience to train a dog to stay home alone for long
periods. Dogs are like children in a sense, in that they do
not like being alone. Seek the advice of a dog trainer if
you wish to do training of this kind.

If your Dog Gets Stressed Out

Leaving a dog home alone can cause some severe
anxiety and resulting behaviors which are not wanted.

Why let your dog suffer from anxiety any
longer when there is a very easy and safe solution.

"Mellow Out"

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