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Help with Dog's

Being Scared by

Loud Noises


Help! My dog goes crazy on New Years!
By: Tippy & Alfred

How to help your dog get over being frightened by loud
celebrations and fireworks.

Many dogs can not stand loud noises. Loud noises make them
nervous, agitated and in some it triggers incessant howling,
wetting the floor or furniture, or cowering under the bed or
couch. This behavior needs to be corrected so that you and
your pet can live happily together. Ignoring this response
and behavior will simply leave your pet feeling insecure and

Dogs are pack animals and any agitation that they sense from
their owners or other dogs will bring out the worst in them.
If your dog is already the nervous type keep in mind that
any agitation or anger that you express whether it be at
them or not, will affect them.

Dogs that are frightened of fireworks are usually agitated
by other loud noises such as trains, planes, automobiles,
thunder or anything else that is out of the ordinary, loud
and startling. To help your dog overcome this problem, you
will need to be with it at those times to let it know that
what is happening is okay.

For instance, locking you pet in the laundry room and just
letting it howl is not going to get it over the problem. In
fact in a lot of cases it will make the problem worse. This
is not a problem that can be ignored. It is a nuisance habit
that could instigate a call to the police by your neighbors
especially if it happens frequently with little provocation.

The first step in rehabilitation is to introduce the loud
sound to the dog and let it know that it is okay, loud
sounds do not mean danger. You can do this by recording the
sound and playing it loudly on the stereo or boom box. Put a
leash on your dog and sit down with it calmly, projecting
authority and calmness. Introduce the sound, and correct the
dog with a firm voice and a brief tug on the leash if the
dog starts to get agitated. Do not let your dog get to the
point where it is howling before you correct it. You calmly
stop the behavior before it starts and this will let the dog
know that this sound is safe.

It will take time to completely correct this bad behavior.
Do not become discouraged if it doesn't "take" after only
one session. The important thing is for you to remain calm
and be authoritative. Projecting frustration, hesitation, or
fear at your dog will only encourage the problem.

After time the behavior will lessen and eventually it will
stop. This kind of behavior modification will work on any
bad behavior that your pet displays. Remember, you are the
pack leader and your dog needs a leader - that is the way
dogs are made. It is your responsibility to let your pet
know what appropriate behavior is and isn't, what is safe
and what isn't. Don't be your dog's "mommy" or "daddy," be
its leader, and both you and your pet will have a much
happier and more peaceful life.

Some dogs become anxious when left alone in the house, when
being boarded, just before and during thunderstorms, and July 4th,
when other dogs are around the house, when a new animal or
person is brought into the family, changes in routines, and car
rides (especially when going to the veterinarian or groomer).

If your dog suffers from anxiety then, we suggest you give this
wonderful, all natural product a look at, we are sure you
will be totally pleased as you help your pet cope with loud

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