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Helping Pets:

the Moving Story

of Dr. Jane Bicks

Touched by an Angel

Walking home alone one day from her class in New
York City, something stopped her. A noise, a faint,
very faint......pathetic mewing.

As the young pharmaceutical student pushed aside
the weeds in this abandoned lot and knelt down, she
found this pitifully emaciated, obviously dehydrated,
little orphan Maine Coon cat.

Little did our hero realize just how serious the trouble was.

The kitty was feverish, her eyes watery and barely open.
Her natural black coat with it's chest bib of white was a
lifeless, rat-colored gray, matted with excrement and dirt.

The symptoms were frighteningly familiar and heartbreakingly
classic: distemper.

Our young student petted her tentatively. Weak as the
kitten was, it somehow managed to raise her little head
and look at the was a look of gratitude and
a plea for help that the young college student never, ever
has forgotten.

Without hesitating, our Angel of Mercy picked the kitty
up and raced to the nearest phone booth. Frantically
leafing through the Yellow Pages she called the first
veterinarian listed.

The situation was explained and the kitten's symptoms, but
to her dismay was told there was nothing she could do.

Call after to call to every vet in the book returned the same
response. Finally one veterinary clinic agreed to see her.

Distemper was in those days routinely accepted as being
virtually incurable for cats, for kittens it was a death

Wrapping the little orphan in her sweater, she raced for her
car. The little kitten tried to push her nose against the
arm of this lady seeking comfort and reassurance. As
the young lady started driving to the clinic she named the
little kitten, Tashi.

Upon arrival at the clinic she felt like crying. It was wedged
between a butcher shop and a laundromat in a run down
section of Brooklyn. From the outside the place looked like
a flophouse. The waiting room wasn't much better.

The doctor, Dr. Goldberg led them in to the examining
room immediately. Before Tashi could even be put on the
table, the doctor was preparing a syringe and gave her
an injection. Examining the kitten from head to tail the doctor
only shook his head.

The young student, ....lips quivering and heart pounding asked....
"Will she....?"  she couldn't even finish the sentence.

"You must force her to eat." came the reply. "There is
nothing more I can do." "Bring her back tomorrow,
if she is still alive."

Back at home in her tiny apartment, this young lady
spent the entire evening hand feeding Tashi at regular intervals.

Distemper is known for causing cats to refuse to eat or
drink and therefore, unwittingly starving them to death.
Tashi seemed to view the nutritional ministrations as
cruel and unusual punishment. It broke the students heart,
yet she couldn't really blame Tashi.

The student ignored Tashi's feeble protests and sustained
herself by repeating, "All's fair in love and war."

This was war and our hero was in love.

At 5 in the morning battle fatigue set in. Tashi seemed no
better for all the love and attention. Totally exhausted
this Angel of Mercy fell asleep alongside Tashi. She
didn't even want to think of waking up.

Three hours later she had no choice. Two white tipped
paws were patting her nose, the black tail was tickling
her chin, and a warm furry head was rubbing against her chest.

Our hero was euphoric!!

Tashi had made it through the night!

Every day that first week she made a trip back to
Dr. Goldberg. Every day, the doctor sadly shook his
head and said, "Bring her back tomorrow, if she's
still alive."

Within 4 weeks the scrawny Brooklyn back lot orphan
blossomed into a five pound bundle of boundless energy
and remarkable beauty......and this young lady's life
was forever changed.

Jane Bicks no longer wanted to be a pharmacist.

God had sent an angel in the form of an almost dead kitten
and placed that kitten in a spot where He knew Jane
would find it.

Jane Bicks had found her calling in life.

Taking Tashi with her to Italy, Jane graduated summa
cum laude from veterinary school at the University of Parma.

Dr. Jane Bicks has served as the President of the Veterinary
Medical Association of NYC, served on the Advisory Board
of the Cornell University Feline Health Center, helped set
up the largest animal shelter in the world: the Center for
Animal Care and Control, has authored 3 books on pet
care, appeared as veterinary expert on CBS' "48 Hours",
ABC's "Good Morning America",  and many, many other
national TV shows. At present she is veterinary expert
for the Animal Planet series, "Petsburgh".

She has won numerous awards in her line of work including
three Presidential Citations. Dr. Bicks is one of the pioneers
of veterinary nutritional/alternative medicine and is
recognized nationally as a foremost authority in the
natural treatment of animals.


Currently Dr. Bicks is the Executive Director of New Product
Development and Education for HealthyPetNet where
she consults with fellow professionals in nutrition and
pet industry experts to ensure HealthyPetNet's cutting-edge
formulas meet the highest standards for quality and effectiveness.

Dedicated to an Angel

In today's issue we honor one of the most remarkable
persons God has ever put on this planet

Folks, Dr. Jane is perhaps the most gracious, caring,
loving person I have personally ever had the privilege
of knowing.

As a field representative for HealthyPetNet, I have
been so blessed with the constant privilege of being in
close association with her. She has always made herself
available to me for consultation, always took the time
to teach me, inspire me, encourage me...and she does
this for any field rep who asks.

She is an inspiration not only to all the HealthyPetNet
reps, but to pet owners everywhere.

Her life is totally dedicated to helping pets and
working to spread the word of what the effects of
good nutrition can and does do.

Pet owners everywhere owe this remarkable lady a
word of thanks.



And Now.....for the Rest of the Story

Every day Jane took her little kitten Tashi back
to the veterinary clinic to see Dr. Goldberg. The
day finally arrived when it was apparent Tashi would
survive on her own.

Up to this time, Dr. Goldberg had not charged Jane
a dime for the visits. With words of appreciation
and gratitude for what the Dr. had done for her
and Tashi, Jane asked, "What amount of money do I
owe you for all these visits?"

Dr. Goldberg looked at her and said, "You don't owe
me a penny.... become a veterinarian."

That first night in the examining room, Dr. Goldberg
had begun to plant a seed in the young pharmacist's

Dr. Goldberg had said, "What upsets me is, that vets forget
they (drugs) are not always the right thing to choose and
the fact that vets forget that drugs can't act alone.
They need help from the body."

The very first day Jane arrived at veterinary school
in Italy, a stray dog decided that Jane would
make a suitable parent and followed her home.

Mostly tan, and very thin, the dog refused to
leave after a meal of milk, bread, and honey.
She would have fed him dog food, but at the time
it was not readily available, so Jane had to
cook all his meals.

Although still a fledging student, Jane could tell
that her newly named dog, Perlane....was not in
the best of health.

Jane began experimenting with Perlane's diet depending
upon which ailments she wanted to cure at the time.
Perlane turned out to be an excellent case study
on the effect of nutrition on a dog's overall
health and behavior.

Perlane had flaky skin and a dull, brittle coat
which always seemed to be shedding. His bad breath
was almost unbearable and he had a limp possibly
from an old injury.

Experimenting with various herbs and nutritional
supplements, Perlane soon became a very fine
example of a canine in excellent health and

Many of the townsfolk were so impressed with
Perlane's new and improved condition that they
began bringing their own pets to Jane for her
nutritional concoctions.

After veterinary school. Dr. Jane Bicks began a
traditional career using mainly conventional
veterinary measures.

But something just wasn't working as well as she
had expected. Too many pets were being sent home
with a clean bill of health, yet they weren't really healthy.

One day a little girl asked her, "If my dog is so
healthy, why doesn't he play with me anymore?"

Dr. Jane Bicks didn't have an answer for the little girl.....


The ideas Dr. Goldberg had planted in her mind about
nutrition began to surface.

The only hope that Tashi had of surviving that fate
filled night was for Jane to build up his body's defenses
by force feeding him certain foods so that he would
have a chance to fight off the most dreaded of
diseases.  Foods and nutrients that would strengthen
the kittens immune system.

Dr. Bicks thought back to what she had accomplished
during veterinary school, and remembered how her
holistic treatments of dogs had changed her
definition of what a "healthy" dog should be.

To say simply that a dog was not sick, did not mean
it was in the best of health.

Changes in food, exercise programs, nutritional
supplements, and herbs had made a big difference
in the dogs!

Pain and stiffness, dry skin and coat, or lying
around like the typical human couch potato had
no longer been the norm for her middle aged and
senior dogs.

The day the little girl asked her that question was the
day that Dr. Jane Bicks could no longer pronounce a
dog or cat healthy based only the evaluations she had
learned in school.

She began to develop a new method of evaluating the
health status of dogs and cats.

In those early days, she would get so exasperated
treating puppy diseases because any specific treatment
she prescribed would be temporary.

The puppy would get cured, yet often that puppy
would come back with a second dose of the illness.

Why didn't all puppies succumb to these illnesses?
Was the cause truly physiological, and the only cure
pharmaceutical? What were these sick puppies lacking
that the healthy ones had?

What if.....they were fed a highly nutritious food,
had herbs selected for their immune stimulation added
to their diet, and were given ample sunlight and

While many pet owners seemed to prefer conventional
therapies because of their rapid effectiveness and
their elimination of symptoms, Dr. Bicks began to see
disease differently and to rethink her approach.

She began to see that an animal's body is all
connected, and that treating only one portion - the
part that is not well - is but a Band-Aid instead
of a long term solution.

Where once she would have given steroid injections
for seasonal skin disease, she now questioned the use
of a substance that had side effects such as diabetes
and liver disease.

Again, she thought that there had to be a reason why
certain dogs suffered and other dogs did not. She
found that specific supplement regimes combined
with the correct diet (low in allergic components,
without dyes, preservatives, or sugar) could be as
effective as conventional therapy.

It could help eliminate the terrible scratching and
biting that drives owners to accept side effects of
conventional therapy. Omega-3 fatty acids coupled
with specific antioxidants, combined with zinc, B
vitamins, and bee pollen, became her successful
approach to eliminating seasonal skin allergies.


A Word from Dr. Jane Herself

"For as long as I can remember, I have devoted my
life to the well being of animals. I know that the
healthier and happier your pet is, the tighter
that enormously important human-animal bond can

"I have always felt that it is the veterinarian's job
to help owners prevent problems BEFORE they occur
(whenever possible), and to help cure them when possible."

"I know that many health and behavioral problems can
be overcome without medicine - many problems have been
helped by nutrition and environmental changes."

"Your dog or cat's health and attitude is a reflection
of it's overall nourishment, basic personality, and
living conditions."

"It is important that you honestly believe in NUTRITION.
I hope that I have convinced you that nutrition is really important."

Dr. Jane Bicks


The Philosophy of HealthyPetNet

Dr. Bicks utilizes the best of modern science and Mother
Nature to formulate all HealthyPetNet products and they are>
among the finest holistic foods,  supplements, and treats in
the world for dogs, cats, and horses.

Quality and Integrity are of the utmost importance to her.

She has worked so hard for so many years honestly
and sincerely helping pets and pet owners. She has
built a reputation as being one of the finest holistic vets
in the world.

Nothing could ever compromise her integrity in formulating
these products with lesser ingredients or ingredients that
would be harmful for your pet.
In fact, Dr. Bicks once worked for a very large pet food
manufacturer. She made a very large amount of money with
them. But she gave up the money and quit because the company
began compromising ingredients and making a cheaper
product so it could gain more market share.

The management at HealthyPetNet has given Dr. Bicks
control over the quality of ingredients that go
in her products. They made Dr. Jane a promise that
they would never tell her no to any ingredient if she felt it
would be an enhancement to the product and to your
pet's health and well being.

I know that without a shadow of doubt Tippy, Alfred,
and the rest of our gang of kitties are far, far better
off taking the food and supplements that Dr. Jane
has formulated.

We just noticed such incredible differences in their health,
energy levels, and in how much nicer and softer their
coats became.

I know with confidence that Tippy & Alfred and the guys
will be with us for far more years now than they would
have if we had continued to feed them the commercial
junk we were using before we found Life's Abundance.

Thank You Dr. Jane Bicks for helping us to extend the
life of our precious and loved Tippy & Alfred & the
rest of the gang.

Those extra years of pleasure we will have together are

And it's because of your diligence and dedication that
have made that possible.

Take a test drive and Try some of Dr. Bick's
Premium food for Dogs and Cats.....

Dr. Jane's Premium Dog and Cat Food

Try any of the pet products formulated by Dr. Jane Bick's
and if for any reason your pet would not be pleased,
we offer you a complete....Money Back Guarantee for that product.

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