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Feb. 10, 03

Pauly the Abandoned Black & White Kitten gets Rescued

Dear Tippy & Alfred, My name is Tammy. I have always had a
soft spot in my heart for animals. I spent two years on the
board of Directors of the Humane Society in our area, and
still do fund raisers for them. So when you hear this you
will be as upset as I was, but this story has a happy

In the beginning of November '02 I went to our local grocery
store at about 5:30 in the evening (which just so happened
to be one of the coldest and windiest days we had). I
pulled into the parking space that I normally park in, but
in the space beside me there was a suspicious looking box
with a rug draped over the top. Not knowing if it could be
something that I might not want to see, I just lightly
kicked the side of the box to see if I could hear anything.
No sound?

I went into the store and told the manager, she was going to
send someone out to look in it but forgot to. So when I was
done shopping she and a clerk came out with me. She too
tapped it with her foot, but no sound. The clerk mentioned
that it had been there since she got to work at 9:00 am. We
carefully pulled the rug back and found 5 very tiny kittens,
just about frozen and starved.

There was one black and white one that was staring at me.
They made no sound as they were too cold and hungry. I
believe that they could have only been about 4 1/2 weeks
old. We already had a house full of pets that we have saved
but I couldn't turn my back. The shelters were closed for
the night so I took the black & white one (Pauly), and the
manager took the others in the store where they annonced
over the intercom what we had found. Within minutes others
came up to save the babies.

It has been about 8 weeks and my little Pauly is doing so
well. He is the smartest and lovingest little guy I've ever
had. He is like my sidekick. He walks beside me wherever I
go. Please, pass this along. They could have been killed.
This happened to turn out well, but it could have been
We love our Pauly
Tammy Adams
Central Oregon



Here I am, sitting in my chair
They all want to sit with me there.
Using my leg they start to climb
Start with one, then add nine.
Seven still left to go
Where they'll sit, I do not know.

To Be a Cat

It's not easy to be a cat
It's not true that I always sleep
Sometimes I move from the bed to the chair
And I have to eat and use the box
My face must be washed and my toes kept clean
Then I move from the chair to the laundry basket
Ah, bliss, I love the smell of fabric softener in the morning
Don't forget the purring that I do for my humans
But sweet reward is the petting and stroking
Time to eat once again, "please a can," I meow
I can't abide dry food, after all I am finicky
Now I clean my face with licked paws
Oh, exhaustion, think I'll take a nap

Laura Greenall
Copyright 2003 Laura Greenall


Only for the Health of your Wonderful Pet
By: Dr. Jane.

Are you sure, that you Really do know what your
dog and cat are eating for dinner tonight? .... You
might be totally surprised, and totally disgusted!

We invite you to listen to a short, 12 minute online
presentation by one of America's foremost experts in
pet nutrition, Dr. Jane Bicks.

Find out if your pet food is actually causing disease and
illness and possibly shortening the lifespan of your
precious pet. None of us want that for our friends
who give us so much joy and satisfaction.

You would never forgive yourself, if for some reason your
pet got sick and passed on because of something in their food,
......if it could have easily been avoided.

Please do them a big favor & Take 12 short minutes to
listen to this tape.

About Pet Food Here


Cat's can lose their appetite with too much noise, too many
people around, or other pets in the environment.

Many cats are thought to be finicky eaters, or suffering from
intestinal distress because of vomiting after eating, when in
fact they are only reacting to their feeding location.

Dear Dave,

Regarding Anna Ruffin & her Persian cat Nicholas.

I had the same experience with my Persian cat, only my flea
medication came from the Vet. It was called "VetChem".

After my cat ( Silver Persian) passed away at the age of 14
months, I had written to the Veterinary School Of Medicine
at Tufts University. I described the symptoms and they told
me the cat died of toxic poisoning. I had immediately
written a letter to the Vet and enclosed the information and
findings that I had received from Tuft's University
Veterinary school of Medicine.

I had also told the vet that I am not going to sue over the
death of my cat, but I just wanted to let them know what
happened so know one else would have to go through the loss
of a dear beloved pet due to toxic poisoning.

I went through the guilt phase, then anger and finally I was
able to morn the death of beloved Tafi (#1). Now I have
another Persian tafi (#2) and she is so healthy (8yrs old).

Thanks to your wonderful cat food and all your products. My
cats will never eat or use store bought products ever

Regards, Elaine Balesteri
P.S. Anna I am so sorry for your loss.

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