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When Vaccinating kitty, use these precautions please.
By: Alfred

If you are concerned about how your cat is going to react to
being vaccinated, here are some helpful points that you
should go over before you get your cat vaccinated:

1. Make sure that you cat is completely healthy with no sign
of sickness, immune system issue or vaccine rejection or
reaction before the cat is vaccinated.

2. Only vaccinate against the diseases for which your cat
may be at risk.

3. Insist on only using vaccines that have no adjuvants
within them.

4. Read all paperwork on the vaccines and be aware of the
side effects of feline vaccinations or allergic reactions
that may take place should your cat get the vaccine.

5. Ask your veterinarian should you have any questions about
the vaccine, its side effects and VAS. See
Can Feline Vaccinations cause Cancer

6. Never allow a veterinarian to vaccinate in the scruff of
the neck. Instead ask them to vaccinate in the back leg or
the tail, which can be successfully amputated if VAS
develops there.

7. Make sure to record the vaccine, vaccine manufacturer,
vaccine lot number and where the vaccine was injected for
your cat and keep a record of it. Make sure that your
veterinarian does the same.

8. Keep an eye on your cat for any reactions and for
painless swelling under your cat's skin near the injection
site of the vaccines. Petting your cat is often the best way
to know right away if anything like that develops. Be aware
of the warning signs of a development of VAS.

9. If you notice any reactions to the vaccine report it to
the USDA Center for Veterinary Biologics and to the Vaccine
Manufacturer as well.

Weigh both the risks and the benefits of a vaccine before
you vaccinate your cat. Vaccines can prevent many diseases
and being aware of the vaccine, its side effects and what
could possible happen to your cat as a result is being a
responsible pet owner.

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