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Side Effects

& Complications from

Feline Vaccinations

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Discover some Un-Truths about Vaccinating Miss Kitty
By: Alfred and Baby Kitty

Myth Number 1: Vaccinating your cat will ensure that it will
live a long, happy and healthy life.

Truth: Feline Vaccines will prevent some diseases but not all, and
they may not work at all. In fact some vaccines may do more
harm than good because of possible related side effects,
sometimes including death. You should research and read all
materials that go along with the vaccines that your cat will
receive before your cat is vaccinated so that you know what
to look out for if side effects or complications arise.

Vaccines will give your cat a better chance of not
contracting the particular disease to which it applies,
although complete immunity is not guaranteed. Of course,
some vaccinations like the rabies shot are required by law
in some places and you will need to vaccinate your cat in
order to obey the law.

Other vaccinations are elective, but there are two more that
are highly recommended my most experts: parvovirus and
feline distemper. These vaccinations have been around a
while and are safer for your pet than they used to be.

Keep in mind that in some cases the feline will show
symptoms of the disease for which it was vaccinated, very
shortly after the shot. Always watch your pets very
carefully for side effects and unusual consequences after a

Myth Number 2: Vaccines have stopped epidemics.

Truth: This isn't the case. Vaccines will give your pet a
better chance of not getting the disease and if they do get
the disease it may be less severe, but even massive
vaccination programs alone will not removed the disease from
the cat population in a given area.

Myth Number 3: Vaccines are very safe.

Truth: Vaccinations can kill! There are multitudes of
accounts in books and on the internet of pets having died
from complications of vaccination. In some cases
vaccinations have been linked to even more debilitating
diseases than the vaccine was supposed to protect against.
No company can claim that a vaccine is completely safe
because all of them have reported side effects in some
animals. Even human-related vaccines are not completely safe
and no study has ever proven the same, and the same is even
truer for vaccines developed for dogs and cats.

Myth Number 4: Only a very small percentage of cats ever
suffer side effects from vaccines.

Truth: Vaccinations with most vaccines produce fevers,
delirium and other side effects that are very common. Any
slight problem with the immune system, genetic weakness,
neurological problem or heart condition can trigger a severe
reaction to a vaccine. Unless you are certain that you cat
is currently healthy you should not have it vaccinated.

Myth Number 5: "I am a veterinarian, and I have only seen
one vaccine reaction in 20 years of practice."

Truth: In this case it is probably that your veterinarian
hasn't recognized the reaction from the particular
vaccination. Vaccinations cause more problems than
anaphylactic shock, as outlined in our article
" Disorders That Are Related to Feline Vaccinations"

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