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Side Effects &

Reactions after a Cat

has been Vaccinated

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Possible Reactions to watch for after your kitty is Vaccinated
By: Alfred

There are some side effects or reactions that may occur
after your cat has been vaccinated. If your cat has a
reaction as a result of its vaccination, be sure to tell
your veterinarian before the vet gives your cat another

Symptoms of Mild Reactions after Cat Vaccination

Mild reactions are fairly common and are usually seen from
within a few hours to several days after the vaccination.
Most last no more than several days.

- Diminished appetite and activity

- Pain when the vaccination site is touched

- Sneezing about four to seven days after an intranasal
vaccine has been given

- Mild fever

- A small, firm, swelling or lump under the skin (not
painful) at the vaccination site. The swelling usually goes
away after a couple of weeks, but if your cat develops such
a swelling, you should contact your veterinarian to be sure
that it is not a sarcoma.

Symptoms of Serious Reactions after Cat Vaccination

Serious reactions are rare but can be deadly. Watch your cat
after a vaccine is administered, checking for:

- A potentially life-threatening allergic reaction occurring
within minutes but up to an hour after the vaccination

- A cancerous tumor (sarcoma) developing at the vaccination
site anywhere from several weeks to years following

By all means, consult with your veterinarian if you think
your cat is developing a reaction to a vaccination. Even
though vaccine-related disease is uncommon, the consequences
can be serious. Your trusted feline veterinarian is the
person most qualified to advise you if a reaction does

It is extremely important that you discuss the procedure
with your veterinarian beforehand so that you understand the
benefits and risks of vaccination. Your vet will be able to
answer any questions you may have and will help you make the
right choices for your cat.

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