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Aggressive Play and your Kittens & Cats
By: Alfred

Kittens are some of the most lovable creatures that humans
keep as pets. But at around four months of age all of a
sudden your adorable furball becomes an aggressive tiger -
leaping, cavorting and generally tearing up the house, you,
and/or other family pets.

From one second to the next you could be holding a purring
bundle or a wild cat bent on your destruction. The result
can be painful scratches and biting that can become a
problem for you. In extreme cases people have surrendered
their kittens to animal shelters because they just don't
know how to handle the kitten's sudden extreme mood swings.

Kittens and cats have instincts that drive them. They play roughly in
order to develop the hunting tactics and strategies. This is
entirely normal cat behavior that can be exasperating, but rest
assured they will grow out of it.

Most of this wild manic behavior can be linked to an
overabundance of energy. This type of behavior can be curbed
by using diversion tactics, toys and associated activities
that will help your kitten develop and tire it out.

By the time your kitten turn one year old most of this
strange aggression will be gone. In some cases it may
persist for a little while beyond one year, but this is not
the norm.

Playing is a way for your kitten to develop the instincts,
muscles and abilities that your cat will need later on in
life. Never forget that your cat is a carnivore and its
instincts drive it to hunt around your home for rodents and
insects. Kittens develop their muscles and nerves while
playing and running around. Over time this will make them
able to pounce, jump, grapple, pin and perform other feats
that they will use while on the hunt.

Meow, Meow, Meow.....
By: Alfred

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