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Field Spaniels:

Hunters who need

Quality Nutrition

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The Best Methods for Taking Care of Field Spaniel Dogs
By: Jane R. Bicks, D.V.M.

The Field Spaniel is a true hunting dog with a wonderful
personality. They have very independent natures but they are
also affectionate, mild-mannered and sweet.

The long bodied Field Spaniel dog breed has basically the
same nutritional requirements of the Clumber Spaniel.

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Field Spaniel Dog

Field Spaniels

They have been described as being active, playful, smart and
vigorous. They make an excellent addition to the family when
given enough exercise. One of their characteristics that
they are known for is their docile nature. Some of the Field
Spaniel's abilities are hunting, retrieving, tracking and

The Field Spaniel is a middle-sized spaniel with slightly
heavier and longer body than the C. Spaniel. They have a
muscular strong neck. The tail is docked.

The coat is silky and in general a solid color of either
black or liver. Some individual dogs have tan markings and
some have roan speckles. A little white is permitted in the
chest area. The chest, ears, legs, tail and undersides all
have abundant feathering but never curling.

The dog has a regular muzzle that is neither too pointed nor
too wide. The nose is large with very open nostrils. The
eyes are almond shaped and either hazel or chestnut brown
with a gentle, noble, serious expression. An important
characteristic of these dogs is the fact that in the area
below the eyes the coat is thin. The ears are broad,
fringed, long and naturally pendant.

The Field Spaniel is a descendant of the English Spaniel
through careful breeding. Their country of origin is
England. The breed was almost ruined due to poor breeding
selection practices during the eighteen hundreds. This was
when breeders exaggerated the dog's length and weight.

In the 1920's the breed returned to its true moderate state
however the breed is still rare and hard to find. The Field
Spaniel is a bird dog with a mild disposition. They are
wonderful family companions. But in the United States they
aren't as popular as the Springer Spaniels.

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