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How to Keep your Golden Retriever Dog Healthy & Happy
By: Tippy

The Golden Retriever breed of dog is susceptible to several diseases
including cancer, congenital eye defects and hip dysplasia.
Be sure that both parents of the puppy you intend to bring
home are OFA and CERF certified. The dogs should also be
checked for Von Willebrand's disease and heart issues.

All Golden Retriever dogs are susceptible to bone and joint
issues and eye disease. This is primarily because of poor
breeding practices when the breed became a popular family
dog. Now the Golden Retriever has become one of the riskier
breeds to own in regard to genetic health problems.

Some Golden Retrievers have issues with skin allergies and
matting of their feathery coats. Be sure to brush, comb and
trim your dog's coat regularly. The Golden also can have a
problem with doggy odor and heavy shedding. The hair of the
Golden Retriever has a tendency to be sticky and will stick
to you, furniture, floors and under furniture, thereby being
harder to remove.

It used to be that the Golden Retriever was one of the
safest breeds to own as far as having a gentle temperament.
This is sometimes no longer the case because of inbreeding
and poor breeding practices. Although the breed is still
wonderful when purchased from a good breeder there are cases
where the puppies, especially from puppy mills or
irresponsible breeders, are unstable mentally.

Goldens that have poor breeding can become painfully shy or
aggressive and dominant. This is commonly an unfortunate
result of any breed's having become popular. Now you have to
be sure to buy from a responsible good breeder in order to
insure the Golden's good-natured temperament.

Be sure to always provide plenty of exercise and mental
stimulation for your Golden. This dog must have
opportunities for play in order to vent excess energy;
otherwise they will get up to some mischief. They become
bored and rambunctious when they have too much energy and
usually they express this by becoming destructive. Bored
Golden Retrievers have been known to tear apart a house or
yard out of sheer boredom.

Golden puppies are even more rambunctious than the adults.
If you have small children or live with the elderly or
infirm it isn't recommended to get a Golden Retriever puppy.
They have a tendency to play too rough.

The Golden also has issues with separation anxiety and seem
to be much more susceptible to it than other breeds. When
left alone they can become destructive and develop nuisance
behaviors. If you work all day at a job and the dog must be
left home alone it isn't recommended that you have a Golden

Remember that this breed was created to work. Play can be
work for a dog, so be sure to play with your dog daily,
especially while it is young.

Golden Retriever Dog

My Advice for the Golden Retriever's Health
By: Jane Bicks, D.V.M.

The Golden Retriever is known for his good disposition,
love of water, and thick, water repellent coat.
Although he's little known for his many problems.

Eye, joint, skin, and glandular diseases necessitate
the daily addition of antioxidant packed bone
supporting alfalfa to his food.

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Eye, joint, skin, and glandular diseases necessitate
the daily addition of antioxidant packed bone
supporting alfalfa to his food.

Allergies respond to omega-3 fatty acid supplements,
brewer's yeast and garlic, and bee pollen.

Kelp should be avoided unless you know his thyroid status.

Treats to Keep Golden Retrievers in Good Condition

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