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Havana Brown Cat

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The Swiss Mountain Cat - Havana Brown
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The Havana Brown is also called the Swiss Mountain Cat. This
breed is well known in England and has been shown there
since the 1890's. These cats have solid colored coats and
are very similar to the Oriental Shorthair. They were
interbred with the Siamese early in their ancestry.

During the World Wars the British breeding programs for
pedigreed cats obviously went by the boards, and it wasn't
until after World War II that serious breeding effort began
again. In the beginning of the 1950's a group of English
breeders started restoring the Havana Brown breed.

The ladies credited with this effort include Baroness Von
Ullmann of Roofspringer Cattery, Mrs. Armitage Hargreaves of
Laurentide Cattery, Mrs. Elsie Fisher of Praha Cattery, Mrs.
Judd of Crossways Cattery and Mrs. Munroe-Smith of Elmtower
Cattery. These cat breeders mated chocolate point Siamese
with black Shorthairs to produce chocolate colored cats.

The Havana Brown is a short-haired, medium-sized, muscled
cat with an average body length. The eye color should be
green and the whiskers should be brown. The head should be a
little less wide than it is long and the cat should have a
distinct stop at the eyes. The male cats tend to be larger
than the female and have an average weight compared to other

The color of the coat must be brown or reddish brown with no
tabby pattern. Although tabby markings are allowed in
kittens, they should disappear as they get older. It is
suspected that the breed's name comes from the coat color
being so similar to that of Havana cigars. Another theory is
that they were named for the rabbit of similar coloration.

The Havana Brown is a cat with above average intelligence
and they often will use both paws to communicate and to
examine objects. They are charming, and playful with an
intimate soft voice. The Havana Brown is a people oriented
breed that will quietly demand human attention and
companionship. They adapt well to most situations. This cat
is perfect for the person who wants a cat that is
affectionate, intelligent and sociable, a cat that has been
called as sweet as the chocolate color of their coat.

The Havana Brown has been a champion in competition in both
the United States and Britain since the late 1950s. This
breed is considered to be endangered since the breeding pool
is very small. In the latter 1990's there were only twelve
Havana Browns registered with the CFA and fewer than one
hundred and thirty unaltered cats. But their popularity is
increasing and hopefully many more people will come to enjoy
living with a charming Havana Brown.

Picture Havana Brown Cat

Taking Better Care of your Havana Brown Cat Breed
Dr. Jane Bicks

The Havana Brown is a hardy, adaptable cat who
is full of fun and plays very well with others,
but has a tendency to want its owner's undivided attention.

It has many character and physical traits of a Siamese.

The Havana cat's shorthair coat requires minimal grooming
(once a week is fine), but to keep it lustrous,
this cat should be given a balanced fatty acid
supplement with vitamins and minerals daily or an
herbal supplement combined with an alternative
premium cat food.

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for your Havana Brown Cat.

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