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Horse Trivia

Trigger originally named Golden Cloud appeared in
Adventures of Robin Hood ridden by Olivia De Havilland, before
being acquired by Roy Rogers. The palomino stallion was ridden for
Roy Roger's first starring role in Under the Western Stars (1939).
When the studio boss threatened to take Trigger away. Roy told
him sorry but he'd already bought the horse for $2,500. Trigger,
appeared in all of Roy's movies and TV series. He died in 1965,
lived to ripe old horse age of 33.

Rider              Horse       TV Show or Movie

John Wayne      Dollar      True Grit
Gary Cooper     Flash       The Last Outlaw
Allan "Rocky Lane"     Black Jack     Covered Wagon Raid
Marilyn Mills     Beverly     The Rip Snorter
Dick Hatton      Star           My Pal
Gregory Peck    Old Buck   The Big Country
Harry Carey      Apache      Devil Horse
Hank Plummer   Baron        Stagecoach
Guy Madison     Buckshot   Wild Bill Hickock
Neville Brand     Cactus       Laredo
George O'Brien  Mike         The Iron Horse
Whip Wilson      Silver Bullet    Whip Wilson Movies
Joel McCrea      Steel           The Virginian
Jimmy Stewart    Pie              The Man Who Shot Liberty Valance
Roddy McDowell      Flicka   My Friend Flicka
Slim Pickens      Old Baldy     Blazing Saddles
Burt Lancaster    Old Fooler   The Rounders


Draft horses are the strongest animals in the world next to the

That it is estimated that there are more than 750 million horses
in the world.

That there are over 300 different breeds of horses and ponies
around the world.

That there are more 6.9 million horses in the United States.

There are more than 335,000 Arabian horses registered in the United

That many lameness problems are mis-diagnosed as a
leg problems when in fact they are a back or hip problem. Never
rule out the possibility that you horse is off or limping because
it is his back that hurts.

That horses are basically color blind. They see black and white
and some forms of shadowed outlines. They react to color as being
light or dark.

That the practice of mounting a horse from the left side began in
ancient Greece. Warriors always carried their weapons on their
left side, which made mounting on the right side impossible.

That 1.9 million people own horses in the United states, that's
more than 3 horses per person.

That most Wild foals are born at night when the herd is least
likely to be on the move. This is however also true of domestic

That most horses are right or left handed just like people. They
have a good side and a bad side. Hopefully their bad side is your
good side and vice versa.

That a shoe slightly off can cause recurring neck, shoulder or
back problems.

That a horse should have his shoes set at the angle of his leg
and according to the way he moves. This does not always mean they
are straight in their angle.

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