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Selecting a Horse - choose the Breed Carefully
Lynn Walls

Owning a horse is a huge responsibility. Just like owning any
pet, you should put a great deal of thought and consideration
before you decide to purchase an equine. Since most individuals
will have to house horses off their property, you should first
consider finding a suitable stable before you purchase a horse.
Also, consider your wants and needs.

If you or your stable has limited space, you might not want to
consider a sizable draft horse like a Clydesdale. However, if
you are in need of a large horse to do a great deal of work
pulling wagons, you should consider breeds other than
Shetlands. There are a great number of breeds, each with a
different pro and con. After carefully reviewing each breed,
you are sure to find the exact type of horse to fit your needs
and your lifestyle.

Ask yourself what you are looking for in a horse. Do you want a
horse that you can show? Do you want a horse for work purposes?
Do you want a horse to jump or ride competitively? Do you want
a horse to race? Do you want a horse to ride on trails or one
that is compatible with children? After you determine why you
want a horse (and the answer should be better than "just
because"), you can set out determining what breed is best for
you. Keep in mind, even though the breed might fit everything
you want, each horse will have a different personality. Before
you run out and buy the first horse in your desired breed, take
a careful look at the specific horse in question.

If you are interesting in showing a horse for its beauty and
grace, an Arabian horse is probably your best bet. These
beautiful creatures are well-liked on the show circuit and
enjoy being fussed and fawned over. For those daring riders who
want a horse for jump training, the strong-legged Thoroughbred
may be the perfect fit. These gentle giants are rugged enough
to withstand the abuse of jumping, but are agile enough to soar
over the highest gates. If you would rather have a
rough-and-tumble horse perfect for uneven trail rides, the
American Quarter Horse should be your top pick. These famous
horses are often used in competitive Western riding events,
including the heart-pumping barrel racing.

American Quarter Horses are perfect for the intense training
required for competitive racing, but also have the sure-footed
step necessary for making the quick turns and negotiating rocky
terrain. A Tennessee Walking Horse or Mountain Horse is the
perfect fit for the horse owners who want to go on quiet rides.
The gentle gait of these beautiful creatures gives these horses
the best ride over even terrain. Finally, if you are looking a
horse for a child, consider a smaller breed like the Icelandic.
The shorter stature better fits the proportion of a child, and
their smooth gait and easy-going attitude will prevent much
bumping and jostling.

Whatever your choice of breed, carefully consider its pros and
cons. Even though you may have your heart set on one specific
breed, if it will not meet your needs, you should carefully
rethink your choice. A horse is a huge responsibility and you
cannot simply return the magnificent creature because you did
not seriously research all your options and hastily chose a
horse that will not fit into your lifestyle.

To find more information about selecting a horse, just log on
to the Internet and visit locations such as to do a thorough search.

Copyright 2005 by Lynn Walls. All rights reserved.

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