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How to Clean a Litter Box
By: Alfred

Many people own cats, and if they want their cat to live in
the house with them they will have a cat litter box that
they have to clean regularly. The cleanliness of your cat
litter box is essential for not only your cat's health but
for your health as well. There are many kinds of diseases
and parasites that can spread from a cat box, and if the box
is not cleaned properly and regularly, can make your cat and
you very sick.

First of all it is essential, especially if you are
pregnant, that you use proper cleaning habits to clean your
cat litter box. For example, you should clean your hands
thoroughly with soap and warm water before even doing the
job. Why before? Because you can transfer bacteria to your
cat's litter box where they can breed and multiply. You
should also wear clothes that you can change out of
immediately after doing the job because of possible parasite
or bacteria transfer to your clothing.

Then put on a pair of disposable plastic gloves. Get a paper
disposable face mask to go over your mouth and nose while
cleaning the cat litter box, especially if you have
allergies. Even if your cat litter says "dust free" on the
package, keep in mind that all things degrade over time and
there will be a fine dust at the bottom of your cat litter
box that will puff into the air.

Move the cat litter box to a place outdoors or away from
where your children play or areas that you use frequently.
This is where you will clean the cat litter box each week.

Next you will need a cat litter scoop and a garbage bag into
which to put the cat litter. Scoop the litter into garbage
bag and as soon as you're done dumping the cat litter into
the bag, seal it off and put in your outside dumpster or
trash bin. Never bring the bag back inside your house for
disposal. If necessary keep it outdoors somewhere if you
don't have a trash bin outside.

You will also need a roll of paper towels and some natural
orange antibacterial spray or the antibacterial cleaner of
your choice to clean the empty box after you've removed the
litter. Don't wash the box in your sink or bathtub! Some
people use a water hose and dishwashing antibacterial soap
rather than the paper towels to clean the cat litter box.
This is a matter of preference. Keep in mind that the more
natural the spray or soap you use the better for you and
your cat. Chemicals can upset your cat and cause allergies.

Next, take the scoop and the cat litter box and wet them
down with water thoroughly and either wash with soap or
spray with spray cleaner. Throw away all paper towels used
to do the job, then dry the cat litter box with paper towels
and dispose of them. Leave the cat litter box and scoop to
sit and dry for a while as you dispose of your gloves and
mask and go and change your clothing.

Your cat litter box should be safe to handle after you've
cleaned yourself up. You can now fill the cat litter box
with new cat litter and put away the paper towels, scoop,
soap, etc. that you used to clean the cat litter box. Don't
forget to disinfect the spray bottle, soap, or whatever you
used after the job and wash your hands thoroughly after
you've done the job to prevent yourself from spreading
around bacteria or parasites.

This is the proper way to clean a cat litter box without
transferring bacteria or parasites around your house or to
yourself, pet or family. Whether you have to do it once a
week or once a month, proper cleaning of your cat litter box
is essential to the health of your cat and your family. So
take all the precautions you can when cleaning your cat
litter box, for your sake and theirs.

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