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Some Good Tips on

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How to Train your Dog to Stay

Training you dog to stay is not only essential for his
safety it can help keep him calm when you need him to be,
such as when you are doing something else or have company
over. An effective stay command should have the dog staying
where you put it and not moving from that position until you
give the release.

To start the training, put the dog training lead and dog collar
onto your dog. Ask the dog to sit and then praise it and/or
give it a treat once it is sitting. Next call its name to
center its attention on you but then say "STAY" right
afterwards. It is also helpful to hold one hand up, palm
out, in a stop motion when you say it.

Each time your dog holds its position on this command, give
it a dog treat and praise it for its good listening skills.

You will also need a release command so that your dog knows
it is ok to move again. When you are ready for your dog to
move you give the release command. Some trainers simply use
the word "release." Each time you repeat the command in the
same session increase the time you have the dog stay before
you give the release command.

Go through this routine a few more times and then praise the
dog and stop the training before the dog is frustrated or
bored. If you do this a few minutes a day your dog is likely
to pick it up very quickly, especially if there are treats

Once your dog has grasped the basics you can add in things
like giving the command and leaving the room for a few
minutes. Try the command when the dog is standing, sitting
and lying. Ideally, the dog will not move from whatever
position it is in until you give the release command.

You should also try to practice your training sessions in
different environments occasionally. It may be much easier
for your dog to stay when there is nothing to do besides
hang around the house anyway. Successful training is proven
when you can make it stay at that dog park when all the dog
really wants to do is run.

Once your dog knows the stay command, a fun game to play
with it is hide-and-seek. Give your dog the stay command…run
and find your spot and when you are well hidden give the
release command. You will be surprised how much fun this
game is for both of you.

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