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Training Plan for a New Puppy

Putting together a well thought out and researched Training
Plan for your puppy can go a long way in making training go
much smoother. Thus, easing your new dog into the household.
After all, he or she will be a part of your family for life.
You should never take a puppy from its mother before it is
eight to twelve weeks old, and training should begin as soon
as your puppy is home with you and has begun to adjust to
you and its new home.

Deciding to get a new puppy usually means that there will be
a lot of happy excitement happening in your house. But
having a new puppy also means you will have your work cut
out for you, since just like human babies, puppies require a
lot of attention, love and teaching.

The first step on your puppy's Training Plan should be
getting your pup used to its daily routine. This includes
things like where to find its food, where it is to sleep and
very importantly, where it is supposed to go potty.
Housebreaking a dog or puppy should be one of your first
priorities when you start training your puppy.

Depending on your dog's breed and health and where you live,
you may choose to train your puppy by taking it outdoors to
the same spot every time it wakes from a nap or after
eating, or if you choose, you might use "puppy training
pads" or other tools, or simply newspapers in an out of the
way spot. Just be sure to feed your pup away from its potty

Once you get through puppy potty training your puppy, the next
logical step is to start puppy leash training. You may have
already been doing this when you are taking the dog out to
go to the bathroom. Now you can take the time to fine tune
it and work on all the commands such as sit, stay and heel.

Once your puppy is housebroken and following your commands
on the leash you have done most of the hard work. Where your
training takes you from there will depend on your dog and if
you plan to show the dog or if it is going to be a work dog.

Depending on those answers there are countless things you
can train your dog to do. So for example if you plan to
groom your puppy at home you could move onto grooming
training or if you are planning to have your dog compete in
shows start working on his stance.

Whatever you want to train your dog to do, the most
important thing to remember is to be patient and reward the
behavior you want to see in your puppy. Give it plenty of
play and rest time and make the training sessions short and
fun, leave the puppy wanting more. Your dog wants to please
you so if you take the time to train it properly and teach
it what pleases you the two of you are off to a harmonious

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