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If a Dog made New

Years Resolutions plus

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Peppy Pets
Jan. 02 / 03

Hi, I'm 13 years old now. I got my first and only dog Tonka
when I was 5. I loved him. I took him everywhere and if
anything had happened to him by anyone, I would kill them, or
if anything happened to me by anyone or any thing he would
kill them.

Tonka was my heart and soul. I could cry to him about
everything. If I have problems I knew I could trust him. I
could tell him anything he was my best friend. If ever I was
in trouble I would have Tonka.

I know it sounds daft because Tonka is only a dog. He was a
like browny gingery Staffordshire Bull Terrier but then
about 1 week before bonfire night I got told he had a tumor
and I thought he would get better. I cried and cried and
promised him he would. But then on bonfire night I took him
to the vets and they had to put him to sleep.

It was the worst moment of my life. I still love Tonka
loads and loads and nothing can ever stop that. His birthday
was on Halloween but the thing is I just wnat everyone to
know who has pets and like other people think they are
stupid for loving animals. Just that I no how they feel, and
use up the most time that you have with your pet while you
can because when I lost Tonka it makes you realize how much
people close to you mean to you. But the thing is I still
can talk to Tonka because on a night I can see him when I
look up at the stars. I can talk to him in my head but Tonka
worgan wash I love you forever son and none can ever stop
that babe xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx love you ldz mam xxxx


If a Dog would make New Year's Resolutions

1. I resolve to be a good doggie this coming year,
yea right... only when the pet parents are looking.

2. As a dog, I will tolerate no more fleas.

3. I will talk my human companions into providing me
the very best dog food on the market.

4. Never again will I chase the cat ..... well, okay,
maybe I'll just cut it down to twice a day.

5. I'll make the mailman get out of his truck Before
I start to chase him.

6. Make sure my owner takes me out for exercise and
a walk daily.

7. I will share my bones with those dogs less fortunate
than myself.

8. My New Years resolution this year is to do all
the things a dog wants to do.

9. I will take more naps this coming year.

10. I will have more fun during the day.

11. I will not bark at night and wake my friends up
unless it's an emergency.

12. I will try to get along with the neighbor's
stupid cat. (Ugh, on second thought, scratch that one).


Letters From Our Readers about their Pets

I am a dog groomer and every year for 35 years I have made
home made, healthy dog bisquits and muffins with
unbleached flour, wheat germ, carrots, egg, and apples. The
dogs just love them and they are good for them. Then
they get a toy suited to their age and activity, a ball, a snuggy plush
to curl up with or a squeaky plush to play by themselves.

I also send each one a Christmas post card made just for dogs.
I have enjoyed my Christmas with the dogs for many years
and my customers are always so glad to see me that they don't
wait for their owners to even get to the door.
Happy New Year to all.
Sandy Mack


Hi, thanks so much for your newsletter. I'm really enjoying it
and want to offer my additions.

We are a big canine family.  Presently we have three labs
and a husky/chow mix.  The labs were bred and whelped right
here.  Oh do we love our babies!  We have one in particular,
Flora (I call her Floradorable along with many other endearing
names), who is not quite three.  She is the reincarnation of
our Little Star who died from antifreeze (that is a miracle story I
'd be glad to share if you'd like).

Anyway, Miss Floradorable loves fuzzy squeaky toys. She has a
basket full of them with all the guts ripped out and no
squeak left.  I was so excited when I came across a little squeaky
ferret about a month ago.  The noises it makes are hilarious
and she hasn't stopped playing with it for two days.

The other dogs look at her like Oh No Not Another One!  Her
brother, Thor, will play with the toy only if he can steal it from her.
Otherwise he could care less about toys.  He is more into sticks.
Santa Paws always brings those squeaky toys and this years is precious.
Happy 2004, Patsy Frasier,
Huggy Bear, Big Bertha, Mighty Thor and Floradorable

My name is D'Ogee. I am a toy poodle. My mommy (human one)
got me dog treats, a new blanket, a Harley Davidson denim jacket.
The girls will like me now, I am a real stud! I dig this Christmas stuff.
My mommy helped me write this. Arf-arf for now. D'Ogee

PS Mommy liked your e-mail
Pat Welch


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This is my second pet story. Missy is seven years old and I
rescued her from the jaws of a Pit Bull when she was a
kitten. She is a semi-longhair, black with white markings
and has blue eyes. The vet says she's a real cutie pie and
has the most luxurious coat because she never gets enough

Missy is a real Mama's girl and acts more like a dog. She
walks on a leash, comes when I call her and sleeps in the
curve of my arm at night. She also feels the need to jump
into the bathtub and "tell" me to turn on the faucet for a
drink every time I visit the bathroom.

When I try to sleep in on weekends, she touches my eyelids
with her paw. If I open my eyes and don't speak, she
touches the side of my mouth with her paw. When I say
"Missy, let Mommy sleep" then she licks my cheek. At that
point, I figure I need to get up and feed her.

Missy and her sister, Punkin, are not allowed to roam the
neighborhood because I believe they will live longer if they
are inside cats; their brother, Peaches, lived to eighteen
years. However, they do get to go out on the patio with
their collars and a 20-foot lead.

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